The Prosecutor’s office in Wuppertal, has, according to information from the TIME ONLINE on the 12. March with the Landeskriminalamt of North Rhine-Westphalia raids on Doctors and other persons. It checks the suspected corruption offences. This concern had delivered a part of the Doctors ‘ business relationship with the pharmacist Peter S. from Bottrop, according to a ruling from the summer of 2018, the district court of Essen over the years, diluted cancer drugs to doctor’s offices. As the public Prosecutor’s office confirmed the premises were in the course of the raids of 19 business, six private homes, two accountant offices and other ancillary rooms searched.

In the investigation, there were three Doctors and three other suspects, part of which referred to the public Prosecutor’s office in the case of the pharmacist, Peter S. drugs. There are two Main criticisms, one of which is apparently one of the Bottrop cancer agent fraud, indirectly, relates to: the initial suspicion was that the main accused doctor in the current investigation, companies with which he was involved in a business relationship, “led to payments of so-called sponsorship funds for the benefit of a health society,” said the spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office. On the edge of the proceedings against S. had become public that the pharmacist should have supported a Congress, the of the doctor co-organized, with at least 15,000 Euro.

The second allegation: the Same physician to lead a clinic patient and this of these benefits. “This is to spaces that are free-of-charge provision of work and personnel actions,” the spokesman said.

Accused Doctors obviously knew nothing of adulterated drugs

For a change in the law in 2016, active and passive bribery in the healthcare sector may be punished with up to three years in prison. According to the press spokesman of the Prosecutor’s office in Wuppertal will additionally examine whether Participants may have previously committed billing fraud, what is equally punishable. Now to target struggling Doctors did not know but, apparently, as a pharmacist, Peter p. the cancer had made. “There is no evidence that the accused of adulterated cancer knew drugs”, – said the press Secretary.

The case of the pharmacist, the fake drugs for Cancer, sold, had shocked people in the whole of Germany: Over the years, the Bottrop pharmacist Peter S. infusion bag should be dosed with the wrong medicines or without the active ingredient. Thousands of patients can’t be sure whether they have been adequately treated. Some wondered in the course of your cancer treatment, expected side effects failed to materialize, and they tolerated their chemotherapy as well. Some of his patients are now deceased. People could live, such as the end of 2016, the consequences of their disease late mother, Lara (THE TIME reported)?

This uncertainty will probably remain. Because it is unclear which patients, fake medicines and which are not. Also because of the in the first instance sentenced the pharmacist is silent still. The district court of Essen spoke to him last July because of a breach of the medicines act, and for fraud guilty: he forged more than 14,000 infusion bag or other individually prepared medicinal products and for the health insurance of approximately 17 million euros fraudulently have charged, he shall for a period of twelve years in prison, ruled eat the land court.

The Federal court must, in the case of the pharmacist

The method is currently going to the Federal court of justice: the defenders of The pharmacists argue further on acquittal. Also, the prosecution lodged a cassation, in its view, S. has settled due to hygiene deficiencies a total of around 62,000 medicines to the value of approximately 56 million Euro illegal for health insurance companies. Some of the co-plaintiffs want to convince the Federal judges, and judge, that p. is to be condemned for attempted murder. In Parallel, the first civilian start processes against the pharmacist: In June, a first appeal to the district court of Essen, to be negotiated. A former cancer patient makes 10,000 euros for Pain and suffering claims because of the fear of a recurrence of cancer, said a court spokesman, compared to TIME ONLINE. Also, you want to reach a finding that the defendant for all the liable in the future, possibly occurring damage. Five other lawsuits are already pending, dozens of other lawsuits are currently in preparation.

According to current knowledge, the Doctors suspected, favors the pharmacist accepted and to have him in return before shares, at the time of treatment is not known, that they let their patients under-dosed cancer agent to be administered.


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