The medical Benefits of dental braces and orthodontic treatments is not explored, according to a report sufficient. The investigated studies were “in terms of diagnostic and therapeutic orthodontic measures on a patient-relevant Benefit”, – stated in a Meta-study by the Berlin-based IGES Institute, which was established by the Federal Ministry of health commissioned. A spokesman for the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), said that the Ministry is doubt however as to the necessity of orthodontic services.

The opinion is that studies have shown that although achievements in the correction of false teeth, and a positive impact on the quality of life of patients, but long-term impact is about to Tooth loss or periodontal disease would not be considered. As TIME reported ONLINE in July, the takeaway from this opinion with the research.

That braces reduce problems such as tooth decay, periodontal disease or tooth loss, could not be occupied, is however not excluded according to the study, also, informed the Ministry. “In principle the legislature is not a rating of the Usefulness of a therapy,” it said. The Ministry will discuss with Stakeholders, “the need for further research and recommendations for action”.

Social origin, soon on the Dentition?

The analysis also deals with the expenditure of the health insurance companies for orthodontic treatments. These have increased over the past years and have reached in 2017, with 1.1 billion euros, a new record, it says in the more than 100 pages long investigation. The various data are only comparable to a limited extent: “On the Basis of the data can not be evaluated, therefore, is whether the expenditure in the jaw meet orthopedic care to the criteria of profitability”, – stated in the paper.

In the spring, had criticised the Federal court of auditors, a lack of exploration of the medical benefits of orthodontic treatments such as braces. What services will be reimbursed for the medical care of the statutory health insurance funds, the so-called Joint Federal Committee. Therein, Doctors, dentists, Psychotherapists, hospitals and health insurance companies represented.

The Essen-based health economist Jürgen Wasem warns against hasty conclusions. “It will require further studies in order to examine how the procedures in the medium and long term really works,” said Wasem of the Saarbrücker Zeitung. “This should now be given very quickly in order.” Wasem warned of a social wrong location, if the treatment would have a Benefit, but not more of the health insurance companies would be paid. “Then you could see later in the Bit, which parents could afford the braces and what not.”

the quality of life belong to what should improve orthodontics. “The can have an impact on mental health, positively or negatively,” said the health economist. On the other hand, risks such as x-ray images to create treatment plans. “If there are risks that outweigh the Benefits, then the funds should pay for it no more,” said Wasem.

background to the study location to dental braces, you can read here.


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