Who wants to live healthier and protect the environment, should eat less beef. The findings of a new study by the Oxford Martin School for the world economic forum (WEF). Beef increase, among other things, the Rate of heart attacks and cancer diseases, announced the authors of the study. A transition such as from beef to alternative protein sources could be related, therefore, the number of nutritional deaths in the world by up to 2.4 per cent lower. In affluent countries, it would be up to five percent.

However, the consumption of beef has not only health consequences, but also contaminates the environment. As the study shows, was the production of beef in 2010 for 25 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions from the food sector. Alternative protein sources could reduce emissions significantly.

according to The study, to be released in the production of beef with a nutritional value of 200 kcal greenhouse gases with a warming effect of 23.9 kilograms of carbon dioxide-free. In the case of the production of the same nutritional value of beans, wheat or nuts, it was only a Kilo or less. Tofu comes according to the studies, about three, pork and chicken around six kilograms.

“This report shows that it is possible to produce enough nutrients for ten billion people, without having to refuse meat,” said the WEF environmental expert Dominic Waughray. However, this would require the use of more efficient meat production and a more diverse diet of consumers.


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