The German actor Nina Hoss and Sebastian Koch to join the Oscar Academy. You are one of the 842 filmmakers, invited by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences this year as new members.

informed How the Association in Beverly Hills, are, among other things, 21 and Oscar-award winners and representatives from 59 countries on the list. The new members may now vote in the awarding of the Oscars with.

in addition to Hoss (“Barbara”), and Koch (“the lives of Others”) are among the dozens of selected performers and Lady Gaga (“A Star is Born”), the Swede Alexander Skarsgård, and the French Alt-Star Jean-Louis Trintignant (“love”).

The Berlin-based Syrian Director Talal Derki’s invited the three German producers of his Film, “Of Fathers and Sons – The children of the Caliphate” as a member. The documentary about children of radical Islamists in Syria was nominated this year for an Oscar. Other German film-makers on the list: Director Ulrike Ottinger (“Under snow”), scene designer Silke Buhr (“work without an author”) and filmmaker Doris Dorrie (“men”, “cherry blossoms”), is invited as an author.

You can buy no membership, one is appointed. The way the Academy takes about an Oscar nomination, or other special merits to the Film. There are 17 branches, including the actors represent the largest group. Invitations were extended to, amongst others, producers, camera people, costume designers and screenwriters.

The Oscar-the Academy is continuing its efforts to promote diversity. According to their data, women make up half of the new candidates. Thus, the proportion of women in the approximately 9000 members strong organization would increase now on 32 per cent, compared with 25 percent in 2015. The proportion of colored members, would grow in response to the recording of the new additions to 16 percent, doubling since 2015.

Since the controversy in the year 2016 the “white Oscars”, as for the second Time in a row in the nominations of African-Americans in the four acting categories were completely overlooked, scooping the Academy aware of from a more diverse and younger Pool.

In the previous year, the Association had invited over 900 new members, including from Germany, actress Diane Kruger (“Out of Nothing”), film-maker Katja Benrath (“Watu Wote/All of Us”) and the composer Hauschka (“Lion”). Benrath and Hauschka had both been nominated for Academy awards.



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