you Need a Dose of self-love? Then you should listen to, what to say to Lizzo to. Because the artist revolutionized the American music scene. Why? Because it has the old conventions no longer want. Hip Hop and women – this is always a difficult. Misogyny in Rap lyrics is part of the agenda. Body shaming as well. Melissa Viviane Jefferson, stage name Lizzo, is the fresh Wind, the not just the music scene, but in General, the company currently needs so urgently.

Lizzo: they should be about the exceptional artist

Lizzo, has brought in April, their third Studio album (“Cuz I Love You”) on the market, know your Fans and especially delighted with your positive lyrics and catchy melodies. You twerk a classical flute training, what you doesn’t stop but, with the Instrument in Hand over the stage to.

In the Songs of the 31-Year-old it comes to body positivity, feminism, and even politics. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, don’t say it cause I know I’m cute” (in German: “mirror mirror on the wall, don’t say it, because I already know I’m cute”) she sings in her Mega-Hit “Juice”. And always she celebrates her curvy figure, such as, for example, in the “Tempo”: “Thick thighs save lives” (“thick thighs save lives”), – stated in it. Not without reason, your Instagram-Name “Lizzobeeating” (“Lizzo eats is”). The current Hype about the positive feeling in the body you yourself do not understand, though. “Even if body positivity will eventually be over, I will. not at once the thin, white woman I will continue to be black and fat,” she said recently, the US magazine “The Cut”. “I say that I reply to love me, and the people: ‘Oh my God, she is so brave. It is so politically.’ Why? All I said was ‘I love me, Bitch!'”

However, Lizzo also political character. She is not a Fan of Donald Trump, sentenced according to the strong racism and misogyny. In “Like a Girl” she sings playfully about to run for President. Among their Fans music stars such as Rihanna and Missy Elliott as well as policy-Superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

sexism in the Hip-Hop Yeah, Deutschrap woman is hostile – but who’s fault is it? Lizzo hits the nerve of the current time

But why the whole power about the American speaking now? Finally, it is by no means new to the business. With Florence and the Machine is touring, as well as with the feminist Band Sleater-Kinney. In 2012, she was invited by Prince to Paisley Park, and sang as a Background singer in his Band 3rdeyegirl with. And Jan böhmermann had it recently in his show “Neo magazine Royale” as a music Act to guest

Despite various musical Lizzo successes in the past, seems to be right now to hit a nerve. While in the USA currently is a battle between left and right, Republicans and Democrats prevails, connects the musician with a zest for life with the political attitude of self-love with Entertainment. “If I’m shinin’, everybody’s gonna shine”, she sings in “Juice”. And so it is: to love When Lizzo sings about it, you can’t help to transfer it as this Mantra to yourself. Your presidential candidacy in “Like a Girl” may have been ironic, and yet, one wishes she would have meant it.

source: “The Cut” / “Neo magazine Royale”


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