Difficult to understand for what reason the president of the Republic is complicated at this point the task with the yellow Vests. The solution to the conflict jumps yet in the eyes : name Jacline Mouraud at Matignon. As the inspiration and guide of the movement, is it not in the best position to alleviate the suffering of the people ? With it as prime minister, the demonstrators would cease to demand the resignation of Emmanuel Macron. But, more than that, it would reconcile the French : the ones at the top and the bottom, of the cities and the rural areas, the clean and pollutant.

Because Jacline Mouraud has all the qualities of the great helmsman that the situation requires. Charisma, first of all, as evidenced by his videos capable of igniting millions of internet users. Then, an incomparable sense of the punchline, and here are a few examples of his interventions : “It’s still crazy ! “, “You think about the bullshit that you do ?” or ” there is no one to raise the other “. Such consummate skill in the handling of the formula-shock should be put at the service of the nation.

plus the countless talents of Jacline Mouraud, unfairly ignored until now by the elite cut off from the realities. She has composed in 2014, as a” singer-songwriter “, a new national anthem, titled ” France so beautiful “, which résonnerait to wonder at the end of the parade of 14 July. “We can live together and in peace “, proclaims it in the introduction to his ode to the concorde perfect. Another string to his bow : Jacline occasionally works in the field of fire safety. If one wants to put out the fire lit by the yellow Vests, such an experience would prove valuable.

A collective session of hypnotherapy for that they find the joy of living

But his RESUME holds another treasure : the hypnotherapy, she practices in professional. For those who are unaware, therapy by hypnosis allows you to activate the powers of self-healing of the patient. So, he manages to free himself of the negative thoughts that he will get upset. Jacline would therefore be able, upon taking office, to administer to the French a collective session of hypnotherapy for that they find the joy of living. Of people depressed we would become people euphoric, and Emmanuel Macron would be re-elected in 2024, with a score of the soviet union.

If it is scraped clean, carefully, the CV of Jacline provides only a single weakness : his stance in favor of the ectoplasmie, a process the occult, which makes them visible to the spirits by placing a medium under hypnosis. This penchant for the supernatural could lead here or there to suspicion. There will always be a jealous or embittered who would claim that Jacline takes the French for ectoplasmes, in other words for calves.

To avoid the chicayas on his abilities, he should put forward its programme of national recovery. Two formulas that she used, summarize the substance : “you have to stop us to make their pockets” and ” everyone fucks up there “. Who would refuse the prospect of an immediate fall of compulsory levies and the advent of a genuine participatory democracy ? Unlike Jacline, the technocrats who lead us have come to forget that there is always a simple solution to a complicated problem.

The Joan of Arc of the yellow Jacket has a great future ahead of it

The ultimate proof that Jacline is ripe for the exercise of the highest functions, is that it is already facing virulent critics. On Twitter, the accounts “SansMoiLe17” and “BalanceTonGilet” draw ball red, on the movement she founded. But in the face of charges of racist insults, homophobic assault and denunciation of migrants on the part of the yellow Vests, Jacline was unmoved, refusing to fuel the controversy unnecessary. Similarly, it does not let itself be intimidated by the attacks from his own camp. When he was accused of being paid under hand by the authority and deliver to the police the names of the leaders of the movement, it will not address the allegations complotistes. Decidedly, the Joan of Arc of the yellow Jacket has thick leather and a great future ahead of it.

At the end of the video introducing his new national anthem, Jacline launched an urgent appeal : “I welcome with great pleasure the producer who would have the audacity to work with me. Is this you ? “It is incomprehensible, not to say worrying, that Emmanuel Macron has still not jumped on her phone to him to offer to work with him.


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