last year’s medicine may have caused products in more than 14,000 cases of complications, injury and even death of patients. This is the result of research by NDR, WDR and süddeutsche Zeitung in cooperation with the International consortium for Investigative journalists and more than 60 media partners.

The cases, the liable to the suspicion of a lack of medical device – such as implants – it is suggested to take thus. The reporting figures had been collected by the Federal Institute for drugs and medical products, and released. In the year 2016, the authority had registered the 12,000 cases.

‘m what’s called An improper designation of a medical product, or even an error that could have led to the death or to the deterioration of the health status of a patient, as a reportable incident. After presentation of the Institute was due in the past, in about 40 percent of the cases, the reported Problem on a medical product and, therefore, not reportable. The increase of notifications will explain the Institute with an increased number of medicine products and an improved reporting behavior of Physicians.

The research is, however, a contrary picture: the fulfilment of the reporting obligation was a lack of it in Germany. This is evident in the example of breast implants understand. In the past year had been taken in German hospitals 3.170 of these implants because the tissue had been around the silicone cushion painful scars. It is, however, only 141 of these cases had been reported.

another Problem is the journalists of the search network, not the fact that the control and certification of medical products in Europe is carried out through governmental Agencies. Private institutions were commissioned by companies.


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