Paul Phytin: for that Beria wanted to destroy the head of Soviet intelligence

Biography 22/02/20 Paul Phytin: for that Beria wanted to destroy the head of the foreign intelligence service of the USSR

Paul Phytin was at the head of foreign intelligence of the Soviet Union for 7 years. Especially important role the young chief played in the years of the great Patriotic war. However, despite the merits of Phytin to the country, in 1953 it from the bodies were fired.

From agriculture to intelligence

Pavel Fotin was born in the village of Ozhogino, in the territory of modern Kurgan region. Youth Paul was inextricably linked with agriculture. He graduated from the Agricultural Academy named after Timiryazev and worked as an editor in the publishing house “Selkhozgiz”. And, probably, Phytin and would remain in this area, if not repression.

the fact that at the end of the 1930s the mass repressions took an unprecedented scale. Was convicted with a vengeance, but administrative staff lacked. The more that the authorities had removed not only ordinary citizens, but also security officers. Fitina, along with many other Soviet experts sent to the school of the NKVD in accelerated courses.

the Achievements of the young leader

Surprisingly, only a year after graduating from the school of the NKVD of Paul of Phytin was appointed the head of Soviet intelligence. At that time he was barely 32 years old. Of course, then the young chief did not know that it will occupy this high position during the hard years of the Great Patriotic war.

However, despite the difficulties encountered, the organizational and intellectual abilities of the young leader, the foreign intelligence service of the Soviet Union will reach its peak in this period. Shortly before the war and in the years of the war under the leadership of Paul of Phytin command of our country learned about the plans of the enemy. For example, we received information about the upcoming German offensive, and later on PLAnahita the Nazis at Kursk, on the conduct of separate negotiations of a U.S. diplomat Allen DULLES, the Nazis and many more. However, Lavrenti Beria had been gunning for a talented leader.


During the war, Beria had nothing to do with Pitinum: too obvious was the merit of Pavel Mikhailovich to the Fatherland. But after the victory of the Beria immediately begins the process of destroying the head of the foreign intelligence. In 1946 Fitina sent to Germany and then gradually in lower positions.

In the end, in 1953, he became head of the Department of internal Affairs on Sverdlovsk area. In November of the same year, it’s just fired from the security organs ugly wording: in connection “with the service mismatch”. He was not even given a pension.

it is Noteworthy that by this time he Lavrenti Beria, who so longed for the resignation of Phytin was already under arrest and then executed.

However, the Phytin managed to avoid reprisals. Apparently played a role in its clear, cohesive and effective work as head of intelligence. In the last years of his life he worked as a Director of photocomment of the ussf (Union of Soviet societies for friendship and cultural relations with foreign countries). Pavel died in 1971. For several days he did not live to see his 64 years.

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