Pelosi ripped the text of the speech trump the U.S. Congress

Photo credit: the telegram-channel “Rise”

Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who is opposed to Donald trump, defiantly tore up the text of the speech of the President of the United States, the website of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Before his speech in Congress trump gave Pelosi a copy of his speech. As soon as he finished, the speaker of the house of representatives of the ripped paper. She did this behind the back of the head of the White house, so the sight he saw.

media reports have suggested that such behavior is provoked by trump, who refused to shake hands with Pelosi when greeting.

Pelosi started her speech with the recognition that not talking with Donald trump in October.

Earlier, the head of the house Committee on intelligence, United States Adam Schiff expressed concern that Donald trump can sell Alaska to Russia for victory in the presidential elections. About the alleged impending trump’s ties with the Kremlin Schiff said at a court hearing on impeachment.

He noted that “another” Moscow’s help in the presidential race, the American leader will give Russia Alaska. According to the Senator, in that case, if impeachment does not happen, the head of the White house will move to his residence in Florida. Schiff also said that the American leader will give indirect management of the country to his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

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