Pensions and benefits are under threat

the Pension Fund, mandatory medical insurance and others — can lose up to 2.34 trillion rubles of revenue if the crisis will last nine months, estimated by experts of the Institute of social policy Higher school of Economics in the report “the Impact of the pandemic COVID-19 on the institutions of social insurance”.

there is Nothing surprising in these numbers there. In fact, the total amount of losses could be much higher if quarantine will be extended, and given the experience of other countries — the probability of this outcome is extremely high, the Director of the Academy of management Finance and investment Mr. Dadashov. “I don’t think that because of the loss of funds any social benefits will be reduced, as it inevitably will strengthen the negative effect on the economy, and cause legitimate anger among the population. The Russian government is unlikely to reduce “social sphere”, — he says. — Perhaps we will see a tax increase, as it was in the case of VAT and deposits under the pretext of raising money to accelerate the economy and help all those affected”.

meanwhile, according to the Director of the Center for market research HSE George Ostapkovich, now the loss of funds should not worry about neither the government nor the citizens. In the first place should be the people who need to be saved by the increase in real disposable income and saving jobs.

Recall that one of the reasons for the loss of income of the social Fund — reduction of rates of insurance premiums in half, from 30 to 15%, for small and medium businesses with wages above the minimum wage. The corresponding solution in the framework of the “antivirus software” has already been taken by the authorities. “During coronavirus attacks, sharp fall in oil prices and finding people under stress, it is necessary not to reset any premiums for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. In this case, the funds will inevitably suffer losses that offset the budget. In SWF there 10 trillion. Another bover 40 trillion in foreign exchange reserves. Why create such reserves, if they are not used in a critical situation? It’s time to help people “helicopter” means literally giving away money to the hands of the people,” said Ostapkovich.

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