For some people, living in a world without framework anything. You’ll be in a psychiatric facility. Because they do not come alone, just be clear, because you constantly have to be medically supervised, because they are not cared for there. These facilities are sometimes whole villages, right places, with shops, workplaces, cafes and Parks. What happened in hospitals, and behind closed doors, has long been to get more space. A protected space that feels for its inhabitants safe, in which they have expertise, structure and support to find. Some allowed him to leave, and neighbouring places not to visit, but many.

The Cologne-based photographer Robert Mohren has visited over three years, people in such facilities. He has met, photographed, heard stories. From his pictures, the from 16 is created in the order of the workers ‘ Samaritan Federation exhibition. To see may in Berlin. The photographs flanking the paintings of the painter Tariano Schneider. The 20-year-old Student at the Academy of arts in Mainz, she has an internship in assisted living projects, the workers ‘ Samaritan Federation painted.

Who are the people we see are?

The star has spoken with Robert moor and demand, what are the stories behind his photos, which are excellent in the exhibition only with the name of the Pictured. He has told us.

“Melanie and Karl Heinz I learned in Pirmasens, in the Days of the center, the Logo is worn from the workers’ Samaritan Federation. Both I met during a lunch break in the garden of the institution. They were very interested and wanted to be photographed. You can see in the photography is good, the heart, the both of them to wear around the neck. Two people have found each other. There are of course always several photos, this is succeeded, in my eyes, especially. Both of them work from morning 9 to afternoon, at 16 o’clock in the Logo in a workshop with wood. These parts are mostly sold to markets, often a toy is manufactured, or use items for the household.”



©Robert Mohren

“Gabi and I met at the Villa wasgau: view of several ancient villas, composite residential complex, which is really wonderful, accessible, and designed to know. A real oasis! Gabi suffers from a particularly severe Form of Depression, the details I cannot comment further. In the photo I asked you to show me, ‘how is your mood on this day was’. Explosion like you showed with the Finger to the top, in the photo he is only half way up. I met Gabi in a very different constitutions, sometimes she recognized me. Gabi is the title photo of the exhibition.”



©Robert Mohren

“Markus works well in the Logo. Him I saw the day before already in one of the assisted living projects. He loves, according to their own statements, everything that has to do with photography. A good day for the photographer and his model!”



©Robert Mohren

“Sabine is a resident of the house Moosalb. She is not able to perform any kind of work in groups. I learned in the morning around 9 am in an art therapy group. She watched me most suspicious, but I also had fun with it to be photographed. Your game with the camera is clearly visible on the photography.”

NO BORDERS on the borderline
exhibition on the topic of people with mental disability
photographs by Robert Mohren, painting of Tariano Schneider
16.5. – 15.6.2019
In den ministergärten 6
10117 Berlin


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