In medicine, the electrocardiogram, or ECG is today, so of course, like pain pills or antibiotics. But who has invented the device, the Doctors allows you to measure your patients, the activity of the heart and to check whether it is running trouble-free, hardly anyone knows. The man’s name is Willem Einthoven. Today the doctor from the Netherlands would have been 159 years old. Google honors the brilliant Neuphysiologen therefore, with an animated Doodle that shows the 1860’s in Indonesia-born doctors in the use of an early ECG.

Einthoven: a pioneer in modern medicine Fullscreen

Google honors the ECG inventor Einthoven with a Doodle


in 1913, Einthoven to have the mathematical-theoretical foundations for the subsequent ECG set. Already ten years previously, the electro graphical recordings reach him for the first time. He developed the so-called string galvanometer and realized that one can derive the electrical impulses of the human heart, and in the form of a curve again. With each beat of the heart weak current with a voltage of about one-thousandth of a Volt is produced. Today, these pulses are derived with the help of electrodes through an ECG device and a screen as a curve to be displayed or printed out on paper.

Meanwhile, Smartphones and wrist watches are even able to create a simple ECG. In March 2019, Apple announced a new feature to its Apple Watch 4.

Nobel prize three years before his death,

As a tribute to his pioneering achievements in the field of electrocardiography, the Swedish Academy of Sciences Einthoven in 1924 was awarded the Nobel prize for medicine. Three years later, he died at the age of 67 years in Leiden (South-Holland), where he most recently as rector of the University officiated. 1960 was named on the Brabant island in the Antarctic, the Einthoven Hill to the brilliant doctors.



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