On the red carpet, it is regarded as a faux pas, if two actors are spotted with the same dress. And also in everyday life you don’t want to see at each Second, the jacket that you wear. Therefore, personalized fashion is back in Trend: Because there are not so often and is tailored to the client alone. For the uniqueness of customer numbers, although often at a high price, but the range of individual fashion is actually getting bigger.

Custom shoes in order

In the case of Nike (NikeID), or Adidas (miadidas), it is already an “old Shoe”, that you can make his representative according to his Wishes. For many years, is it possible for the customer to look online, color, pattern, or laces of the Shoe to create their own Wish together, and also initials or name application. Of course against a payment. The method was further optimized and the process has gained speed. Also in the luxury industry, the Trend of the Self-arrived-fabrication, for example, in the case of Ermenegildo Zegna: The new “My Cesare”Sneaker can be chosen in the colours individually – and also celebrities such as Daniel Brühl is easy to find.


Daniel Brühl can be seen in his self-designed sneakers

©PR of The classics: jewelry with names or initials

Even if the jewelry pieces, it is fashionable, the wearer adjust. Today, not just with engravings on watches or rings, but distinctly prominent. Currently, especially the Golden chains as well: with large initials. The new “Carrie”chain, so to speak. Also bracelets will be delivered to your liking to represent the own style: color, stones, engravings, letters can be selected in the case of many Labels.

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Also, the trendy watch and jewelry label Paul Hewitt has recently started to personalizations.

©PR clothing personalize

But not only shoes or accessories to the carrier to be adjusted. Also the clothing may be individually, for example, with the initials on it or with a self-selected embroidery or Patterns. Some providers allow the customer, in complete self-a jacket or another item of clothing according to their own Wishes, of course, against the appropriate co-payment. For the very own It-Piece it is that some customers value.

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personalization in the luxury fashion

a lot of Designer and luxury brands, their customers also offer tailor-made products and even a complete individualization. The customer-designed luxury, fashion, has, of course, a high price. About Ray-Ban, Dior, Burberry, Longchamp, Coccinelle, and Jimmy Choo can make his own luxury item.

Especially to the customer only clothing should not be adapted to but pieces, but also the digital shopping experience: in 2013, a platform for personalized size has been developed recommendations for the clothing and Shoe industry: “EyeFitU”. The platform works with more than 60 global partners, such as the Yoox Net-a-Porter Group, Amazon or Asos. By EyeFitU the return rates are expected to fall, with a personalized shopping experience and more fun will be brought to the shopping experience. And it is now finally: The more the garment fits to the own Person, the better.

The downside of the personalized fashion

the disadvantage of the “customizing” Personalised goods will be made only after the customer has paid and then has to be often made of expensive, individually. This means, of course, significantly longer delivery times and high prices. In the world of cheaper Fast Fashion, it is not currently possible to fulfil individual wishes. Industry experts predict, however, that the procedure for personalised pieces will be in the next one to two years of advanced. Brands could offer their consumers through advanced technologies, an even more personalized shopping experience. And that the Trend of individual fashion will hold currently seems very likely.

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