We will often notice that owners give their pets leftovers from lunch, not knowing that on that day they can cause some of the many ailments. Man has long loved to have a dog or cat as a pet near him, so he started taking care of their diet early on. Modern veterinary medicine pays great attention to the nutrition of animals, because the health and welfare of animals depend on proper nutrition, as in humans.

What does a balanced diet for dogs and cats mean?

A balanced diet for dogs and cats means that your pet needs exactly certain amounts of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals in the right proportions. This will ensure his good health, proper growth, and development. These balanced ingredients must be provided in a well-digested form. That way, your pet’s body will be able to use them enough to meet their needs. The diet of dogs and cats must not contain harmful bacteria, parasites, and toxins. Every good pet owner is doing his best to get all the necessary pet supplies for his furry friend.

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Are leftovers from the family table food for dogs and cats?

Leftovers from the family table are not food for dogs or cats, and if they are present in the daily diet, more than 10% can cause health problems. Our pets have specific dietary needs, different from humans. Food for human consumption cannot meet these needs. What’s worse, some of the foods we use can be very harmful to our pets, even deadly.

All of this leads us to the following conclusion – if you take care of your pet’s diet and are willing to give a few dollars more to buy him quality food while avoiding giving leftovers from lunch, why would you allow five food companies to work differently?

You’ve probably already noticed that the price of pet food ranges in a high range. For many, price is a crucial factor, so they don’t even think too much about the quality of the food they buy.

Also, many have already had a bad experience with some dog food manufacturers, but they had no one to complain to, or they just thought they had no right to.

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Get what you pay for – in most cases

If you buy the most expensive pet food you can find, you still do not guarantee that this food is of the highest quality. Price is only an indicator of food quality, but not its guarantee. Most owners have no money to throw away, especially when it comes to large dogs or more dogs, more cats – who eat more.

The cheapest food in the local supermarket is made from ingredients that would certainly not want to travel to the body. By feeding your pets with these products, you risk that your furry friend suffers from skin diseases, has oily fur, as well as that he suffers from far more serious health problems. Most of us know or have heard of someone whose dog or cat, despite a very poor diet, has lived a lifetime: do not let it fool you, because these are most often and exclusively rare exceptions with very resistant organisms. The vast majority of animals due to poor nutrition improvements, in any case, the money you save on food, later gives for treatment, veterinarians.

Most quality types of food for dogs and cats today are sold in specialized pets, veterinarians. pharmacies or on the Internet, not in ordinary supermarkets. So, if you take expensive, quality food to your pet, while it is causing a serious illness, feel free to sue the company. Of course, get ready to fight for a long time until the truth comes out.

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Not all ingredients are listed on the label

Do you know that your dog is allergic to a certain ingredient and that he has a reaction every time he eats a certain food, even if it does not list that ingredient? We can include this in unscrupulous production because it can cause various allergies and diseases in certain animals.

The unwanted object in the food

There are cases when the owner opens the food for his pet and is unpleasantly surprised to see a metal or sharp object that can lead to injury. Unfortunately, such cases have also been reported.

There are probably more embarrassing situations that you could turn to your advantage and at least get cash compensation or raise awareness in dog and cat food manufacturers to take a little more account of product quality.

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Why is it important to fight for animal rights?

Unfortunately, in most countries, pets are seen as property, that is, the law is more in favor of people. If you poisoned another person, the law would charge you in that case, but if you do the same to an animal, it is treated as property damage, not personal injury. Therefore, it is important to fight for the rights of pets because their loss also brings great mental and emotional pain.

Signs of poisoning in dogs and cats

In the local manifestation of poisoning from symptoms, we notice profuse salivation and leakage of saliva from the mouth, sneezing, coughing, signs of suffocation, damage to the tongue, oral cavity, and nostrils. But in most cases, the toxic substances pass into the stomach very quickly, leaving no traces when passing. Symptoms will then appear somewhat later when the poison is resorbed into the body which can last from a few hours or even a day.

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Always look at the label!

When deciding on a manufacturer of industrial dog and cat food for the first time, always read the label on the package, which states the exact amounts of individual nutrients. Always choose a producer whose first food ingredient is meat or fish. Avoid producers whose food is based on soy, rice, or corn. Meat, fish, and eggs have great biological value, which means that they contain a high percentage of quality, easily digestible proteins.