The former CDU General Secretary Peter Tauber reiterated his allegation, Erika Steinbach, wearing a complicity in the death of Walter Lübcke. The Chairman of the AfD-middle-Desiderius-Erasmus-Foundation “is of course responsible for the consequences and reactions” to their agitation against Walter Lübcke, wrote Tauber on Twitter. “You’re wearing complicity in his death. Your reaction shows that You know exactly”, the clear blame. “And even worse is that you knew him and know what an upstanding and fine man he was. Today, there is no word of grief from You for him. Probably not, because that would be the height of hypocrisy,” – said in the Tweet.

Lübcke was on 2. June on the terrace of his residential house in the Hessian town of wolf Hagen-Istha with a shot to the head murdered. The U.S. attorney’s office classifies the crime as a rather extreme attack. Shortly before his death, the CDU-politician had become the target of hostility, after Steinbach called for a four-year-old statement of Lübcke again in memory. In 2015, he had defended at a public meeting of its asylum policy and said: “Because you have to stand up for values. And who represents these values, it is time to leave this country, if he agrees. This is the freedom of every German.”

In February 2019 Steinbach to handle this statement, and wrote on Facebook: “I advise the critics of Merkel cher asylum policy, to leave the CDU and not your home. Nothing has improved really, if you listen to Mr Maassen.” As a result, the government received the President of numerous threats.

“Would not choose CDU currently” Erika Steinbach leaves the CDU because Merkel’s refugee policy DPA Steinbach

Tauber speaks of defamation had accused so soon after the death of Lübcke in a guest post for the “world,” Steinbach contributed to this fact. It is “through language, the uninhibited, and violence, complicit in the death of Walter Lübckes,” wrote Tauber, among other things. The violence of the Right to take it. “Erika Steinbach, once a lady with education and style, demonstrate this self-radicalization of every day on Twitter,” says Tauber. “She is just like the Höckes, Ottes and Weidels by a language, the uninhibited, and violence, complicit in the death of Walter Lübckes.”

Steinbach has rejected the allegations against the star. “The allegations that I was to blame for the death of Mr Lübcke are quite simply a disgrace,” she says. “No political difference of opinion justifies violence against anyone. I have made it clear. Mr Lübcke I knew only superficially and have him as a friendly, affable people in the world.” On Twitter, Steinbach spoke of a defamation. Tauber deck “full of it”, it said in another Tweet. Steinbach was the beginning of 2017 from the CDU and is since then regularly for the AfD.

editors ‘ note: an earlier Version of this article is not a direct quote from Erika Steinbach state. This reached us only after the Text had been published and was supplemented accordingly.



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