Petro Krylov: Russian hero who broke stones with his fist

Heroes 13/02/20 Petro Krylov: Russian hero who broke stones with his fist

Muscovite Peter Krylov was called as “the king of weights”. And no wonder: it’s the nickname of the wings really deserved. But weight is only one of the props, strongman. Peter raised horses, bent rails lay under the car and even broke stones with his fist.

“Heavy” child

a native of the city of Moscow Pyotr Krylov adopted a passion for lifting weights with his father. Fedot wings, though never performed in a circus arena always tried to support my body in good physical shape. Together with Krylov-senior little Peter was engaged on the gymnastic rings and squeezed the heavy irons. Becoming older, the young athlete began to attend the local shopkeepers, but not to buy them anything, but in order to work out with real weights.

I Loved Peter and the circus. He particularly liked the local athletes. The idol of the boy was the German Emil FOSS, which, they say, took room entertainment their rooms. FOSS came out of an arena in a leopard skin or of silk tights, tearing chains with his chest, lifted a barbell sitting on her people. It is worth noting that FOSS, later, and Peter Krylov, masterfully juggled heavy weights.

Krylov selects the circus

However, the wings had nearly chosen a different path. He graduated from naval College and, being a Navigator, he izborsky many seas. However, even in swimming wings never ceased to maintain and develop endurance and strength. In the end, he still returned to his native Moscow and has decided to devote his life really beloved.

Peter began performing at fairs, strongly demonstrating your physical ability and gradually honing skills. Then he took one of the traveling circus, where he as well as his childhood idol Emil FOSS, threw weights and tearing chains, and bent rails, raised horses along with the riderAMI, broken horseshoes.

Peter Krylov was in the “wrestling bridge” and 134 pounds. One hand squeezed 114.6 kilograms. In addition, spreading his arms, he held each of them a weight of 41 kg. No wonder all the same Krylov was called the “king of kettlebells”!

the Power is there… and the mind too

meanwhile, besides physical force, had Peter and a sharp mind and equally sharp tongue. He is always very bright commented on their performances and aptly answered the incredulous audience. For example, when Krylov was shown the trick by breaking stones with his fist, he has always offered the doubters to go to the arena and expose his head to a strongman split stone on it.

Pyotr Fedotovich wings not only worked in the circus, he also participated in the competition on French wrestling. Only the seventh of ten he left the arena forever.

Yulia Popova

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