The devil lies in the details. On the eve of the first Council of ministers of the year, Edouard Philippe has made his comeback political Thursday by visiting the Val d’oise to verify the implementation of economic and social measures that came into force on 1 January. And his day started with the visit of a company of… smoke.

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A foot of nose, no doubt involuntary, but that the users did not fail to point out then that the government is trying to convince the French with the recently announced measures by the executive to defuse the social crisis.

this company located in Saint-Ouen-l’aumône, he referred to the devices for the creation of SMES, including the year white social contributions. It has also, subsequently, discussed the tax exemption of overtime with traders and business leaders.

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“It is important to develop new provisions and to vote, but it is perhaps more important to come out and see how they apply” and having “the feel of the French at the time they enter the application”, explained the Prime minister to Viarmes, a few hours later. “It is the art of execution”, according to him.


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