They have left behind them a job, hobbies or a business. For a refugee can work in France, the resumption of a professional activity is apparent in general an obstacle course. Difficulties with the recognition of their diplomas, language barriers, lack of network… However, they all have skills to argue and a huge desire to get out of it.

REPORT >> to Work in France, experiencing new departure of the refugees

This is to facilitate the integration of recognised refugees (who have been granted asylum) installed in France for more than six months since the government launched, on the 1st of October, a call for projects with 15 million euros.

All the structures of more than two years of existence specialised in the monitoring of asylum-seekers may apply now to win funding. Innovations, existing initiatives seeking to multiply to large scale… all projects are welcome.

Create a link and activity

The department of Work table on the insertion of 4,000 to 5,000 refugees just for the year 2019, which is 10% of the number of asylum seekers who are hosted in the last year. A program of training to occupations in voltage, called Hope, already allows more than 1000 elected officials to be trained in a profession, through a professional contract.

The INITIATIVE >> “no one is inemployable”: the CONSTRUCTION industry has mobilized to integrate refugees

This new call for projects, which is part of the Plan of Investment in skills (PIC), which aims to train more than one million young people or the long-term unemployed, low-skilled, will target certain sectors a priori. It is intended to accompany the initiatives to the greatest extent possible, by allowing, for example, to encourage business creation. “The idea is that everyone can bring his stone to the edifice”, justified the minister of Labour Muriel Pénicaud, on a visit to the premises of the movement the Singa home network by connecting refugees and persons wishing to come to their aid.

build a social capital

“The only difference between a local and a newcomer, it is the social capital,” says David Robert, deputy executive director of Singa. We help them to meet the right interlocutors and to escape the isolation. It is essential to help these people to not stay at the margin of the society and that they can showcase their talents.”

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The history of Ghaees Alshorbajy, 30-year-old native of Damascus, is emblematic. The young man left his country and his company three years ago. Swarms of ideas and projects, the contractor has recovered from a recycling business upon his arrival. But he soon struck with an observation : he didn’t know who to talk to and knew not the aid of which he could benefit.

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associations are denouncing the management of the migrants by the State Covenant of Marrakech: Stop the disinformation!” 250 000 refugees could return to Syria in 2019

His time at Singa has allowed him to get a micro-credit, to be known and to develop its activity and even a first contract with a subsidiary of Vinci. “Immigrants often have a look completely new on the economic activity of the country and ideas of creation of company that others don’t see,” continues David Robert. A wealth that the government does not want to let pass.


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