In a year-long legal dispute to the contraceptive pill Yasminelle has the Bayer group achieved a success. The district court of Waldshut-Tiengen dismissed the complaint of a woman against the group. The health problems of today 34-Year-old doubt not be free to stop taking the Contraceptive due, decided by the court. Possible other causes. The woman is therefore not entitled to Pain and suffering. In addition, you must bear a large part of the cost of the process.

The previous animal doctor from the Ortenaukreis complained of in the since June 2011, the ongoing civil legal proceedings against the chemical and pharmaceutical group with headquarters in Leverkusen, Germany. This distributes the pill. The woman on the pill, with its active ingredient drospirenone for health problems and a high risk of thrombosis to be responsible.

After taking you’ve suffered in June 2009, a bilateral pulmonary embolism and Circulatory collapse with cardiac arrest, she had almost died. They demanded that Bayer damages for Pain and suffering in the amount of at least EUR 200,000.

in mid-October, the court had called for the counterparty to settle out of court. This request was, however, followed none of the parties Involved, said the presiding judge.


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