you on the flights with the newly introduced model of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 to prepare was to pilot a brief Online course provided, in which the controversial trim system MCAS is not mentioned. The US news channel CNN reported, citing pilots ‘ Union spokesman, two flight lines.

Thus, to have participated in pilots of Southwest Airlines and American Airlines to self-employment to be performed, rates, and between 56 minutes and three hours. The differences between the MAX 8 and the older 737s to have been addressed-models. “MCAS was installed in the aircraft and Boeing has not informed the pilots”, is one of the speakers quoted.

Boeing, the trim system used in the focus of the investigators

The trim system, MCAS could stand according to the current determination for the misfortune of the Ethiopian Airlines plane, with 157 deaths. Also the similar course of the crash of the machine in Indonesia, with 189 deaths could have been triggered by a fault in this System. The suspicions were confirmed mainly by the recent results of the investigation and analysis of the flight data recorder.

report on the crash of the Boeing-machines are missing safety systems – the extra cost of money

to Actually used to prevent the thrust of the engines will not climb to such an extent that the machine can straighten. The two misfortune machines were moved up to the Start with a very irregular trajectory and speed, and fell afterwards in an uncontrolled manner and pitched steeply to the ground.

Already on Thursday, the New York Times had reported that the two aircraft are two safety systems were missing, perhaps in the accidents help. Both are only for a surcharge in the machine. One of the two systems is a warning light that indicates a malfunction of the trim system. This is now to be the future standard.

source: CNN / New York Times / AFP



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