This alleged crime shocked at the end of January the United States. “Empire”Star Jussie Smollett, of the Chicago police described the two men had attacked him at night on the open road, and racist as well as homophobic insults.

Jussie Smollett: charges dropped

In the social networks, the actor then got a lot of encouragement. A discussion on racism and homophobia in the United States was sparked, in many of the talk shows was talking about the crime.

But then everything turned out quite differently. According to investigators, paid Smollett two brothers, to attack feign against him. The police, according to the gay and African-American actor wanted to promote his career. The Chicago police brought in a public press conference, serious charges against the actor, the Grand Jury in Cook County assessed the indictment of the Prosecutor’s office as justified.

“Empire”Star Jussie Smollett, due to allegedly fake bleach-attack, accused of “acts has been washed clean”

In 16 points, was accused of Smollett, for alleged false statements. Now the twist: in The early Tuesday morning of the charges against him were dropped. “After a Review of all the facts and circumstances of the Case, including the voluntary non-profit work of Mr Smollett, in the community and his Forfeit of the security Deposit to the city of Chicago, we believe that this result is a reasonable solution for this case,” the official Statement of the competent public Prosecutor’s office.

Smolletts lawyers stated, according to USA Today, Smolletts file had washed “from this tragic indictment clean.” “Jussie is relieved to have this case behind him and is excited to focus on his family, friends and career.” Also Smolletts family is “grateful that the truth has come to light”.

source: “USA Today” / “TMZ”



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