How to spend warm evenings? Outdoor. On the balcony, on the lake, with the feet in the Rhine, in the hot-air balloon, or where else just relaxation is possible. And what refreshes it? Pouring as in the ice bucket provided drinks – hops, herbes Pils can be a yeast, fruity wheat, an elegant Rosé, or a rhubarb spritzer, the world of possibilities is wide.

starting with the drinks at the same time, the Hunger comes, and then? What except potato chips is there? Pimientos de Padrón, for example, the minimal pepper of green colour and weak sharpness. Wherein: a really sharp, look us stupid from the Laundry and panting can be among the pods. Then we search frantically for an ice cube, on the we suck. Which of the peppers that is, not to see the beast.

I stir-fry/the grille I such Pimientos as the entry-level snack in the evening and recommend you in the Rest, in the meantime, pretty much every. Because even Mecklenburger halls of purchase, run the stuff as a matter of course, it can be hard to find it elsewhere.

I shower you, shake them dry and fry them for few minutes in an at best semi-circular pan in hot Oil. There and you will get nasty blisters, but that’s exactly the cooking point indicator. The skin of the Pimientos flies to places, then get out from the Oil, briefly on kitchen paper and degreased, in the bowl with Fleur de Sel seasoned, and ready for the paint. Your tip of the stalk allowed me to grab it with two fingers on the tuft and one after the other to devour, as if they were the companions of Ulysses, and I Polyphemus.

Pimientos result in a meal So far, So simple. Since the Pimientos to a variety of America’s immigrant family, Capsicum, would you be similarly versatile to serve as other members from the clan of the bell peppers. We keep it at that but please simple. It is the celebration evening, we are from the work of platt and have earned us recovery and no circumstances.

the preparation of the Bratpaprika expand effortlessly to a meal, I do the following: before the pods Hiking in the pan and soon after, on the kitchen paper to your excess Oil to give, give ichpro eater 1 handful of Couscous in a bowl.

Since the meal is similar stuff, such as a sandbar, I spice it with salt, black pepper (Turkish Pul Biber-that is, with Chili-meal), and 1/2 TSP of Ras el Hanout. Then, I pour in just enough cold water that the crumbs are completely Wet and immediately Würzwasser full of eyes.

I’m cocky, then I cut 2 shallots into fine cubes, chop 1 clove garlic and sauté both in a little Oil. They are glazed, I’ll give you about the now – because full-sucked – dry-moist Couscous, mix everything träufele thoroughly with a fork, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and put the mixture for 5 minutes under the Grill.

Then I fry the Pimientos. I have both in about at the same time, I put the Pimientos in the Couscous, et voilà.

Clearly, I can remove the scaffolding reason, with more and more Times. I can cook with the Gezwiebel 1 carrot into fine Dice, added a little leek and celery, or vegetables of fennel.

I can hack can roast 2-3 TABLESPOONS of pine nuts dry and when it is Served, in loyal, to me, the slightly sharp flat leaf parsley or the maggi aroma stiletto tables-loving. A couple of lamb and beef of the variety Merguez sausages I grill me, or lamb chops, or the Cypriot squeaky cheese-Halloumi.

a celebration evening meal: Nachos

I, according to the study, to even more youthful times, in Washington, D.C. worked, there was in the neighborhood of the people with whom I rented a room, a number of small eateries, including the Salvadoran “El Tamarindo”. To drink there in front of the door in the sub-tropical heat of the city to the alloy tables to hang out, ice cold Corona beer to bite geachtelte limes, was for the low-rheiner, a formative experience. We had it with crispy Nachos crash and dippten you in a variety of sauces.

As the summer heat krass, I’ve done it repeatedly, the El-Tamarindo-Feeling in the German context the virtues of cooking. I don’t deep-fry, make me the trouble of Nachos or Tortilla Chips by yourself, I’ll buy it.

Guacamole & Co Fast Food: The four best Dips for Nachos By Bert gamer blow

I’m with the Manufacture of the sauces and Dips already busy. Guacamole, Refried Beans, tomato Salsa and Chipotle Mayonnaise I have already here described. Now Pico de Gallo comes this:

3 fresh, but ripe tomatoes finely chop (it is not skinning necessary), with 1/2 TSP salt and pour into a punch, where a little of the tomato water in the next 30 minutes to drain. Serrano or Jalapeño Chili, as in the USA, you will find rare. We take 1 of the green Peppers and chop them finely. Who cannot tolerate the pain of the sharpness, removed before mincing the seeds and the partitions. 1 shallot or 1/2 white, or even milder red onion, finely dice. 1/2 bunch of Coriander finely chop the stems included. These ingredients with the tomato slush mix, 1 tablespoon of lime juice with salt to taste.

Beautiful mess

For a dish called Chilaquiles, it needed tomato Salsa: halve 6 beautiful tomatoes, remove the stalk, the halves on the cut surface in an oiled bowl in a 200 degree oven bake for about 30 minutes. The tomatoes should be mushy, the skin is allowed to show black Spots. From the cooled tomatoes, the skin, pluck off and discard. 1/2 onion, 1 clove of garlic and 1/2 chilli Pepper (without seeds and partitions) puree, the tomatoes are incorporated, season with salt and black pepper.

This Salsa in a frying pan along with 1 TSP cumin and 100 ml of water and bring to a boil over medium heat and simmer until the mixture andickt, then with salt and black pepper.

1 ripe Avocado, peel, cut in half, core removed and flesh cut into strips. 1 bunch of coriander green wash, shake dry, and the stems and chop.

125 g sour cream with 2 TABLESPOONS of lime juice stir. Feta cheese, coarsely crumble and keep ready. In a pan 4 fried eggs fry.

The Tortilla Chips (about 300 g) in a bowl, with the tomato salsa beschmaddern and mix – you should approach full of eyes, but not quite mushy to be.

The distribute like a salad of flipped Chips on four serving plates, with the fried eggs, with Feta, Avocado, cilantro and sour cream covered serve. Eggne beautiful mess the that you can eat with your fingers. What have we learned as a child, us the Finger lick? Ice cold beer helps to dispel the last remnants of aesthetic concerns.

warning-the Grey

a word on the subject of refrigeration. Lonely and alone, drinking bad in society, it will taste better. Larger amounts of beer or wine in the fridge effective cooling, so you tipped him 2 days before the revelry with the bottles. Just recently, I was invited to, where you had this experience, miss. Quickly bottles cool in the ice bath – you drive to the gas station, buys 2 bags of ice cubes, puts the sink, the bottles in a zinc, tilts the ice in and fill with 1 bucket of water. The ice cools the water, the water cools the bottles, and the glass cools the beer. Within half an hour all the Dig are sticking cold, and you’re set. How do I warm beer-hate (also applies to white wine)! Really, people, alone, the tub will get you there.


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