This week, the Negroni Week is held worldwide. Thousands of Bars, organize Events, collect donations for the good cause and celebrate the Italian Aperitif Cocktail. And many are serving a “house mix”, i.e. variations with exciting Twists. In the past year, Marie noise from the münster Robin Bar developed approximately a exciting variation: you replaced the Gin with applejack, and the red vermouth by carrot juice – just the Campari is from the original recipe left. The DNA of the Drinks is clearly visible, yet it feels completely new.

We asked bartenders from Hamburg to Munich, from Freiburg to Muenster, to throw on the occasion of the Negroni Week, a new look at the classics of their bark types. Out of the complex and exciting Drinks with unusual ingredients came from. Or have you prepared your Bloody Mary ever with Beetroot juice?


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