do You remember the Nexus ? It was a smartphone produced by Google and launched in 2010, whose name was a reference to the book by Philip K. Dick The sheep dream of electric sheep ? and the marketing of which was stopped in 2016. With its range Pixel (Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL), which will be available in France in early November, Google resumed production house. Was he right to launch its own device, and launches into the “family Android” multiply at the back, of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, which will be presented mid-October in London, the OnePlus 6T, which is expected to be announced on 30 October in New York, not to mention the Xperia XZ3 signed Sony, BlackBerry Key 2 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the models already launched ?

After a few seconds of taking in hand of this unit – the largest model has 15,24 cm diagonal, one is surprised by a few functions : the activation of the selfie by shaking the device, the fact that the smartphone identifies him-even the photos where the smiles are the most radiant, according to Now Playing which recognizes the songs, or even augmented reality with the integration of virtual characters around us, like Iron Man who performs a somersault on your coffee table – Google has forged a partnership with Marvel.

Optimization of the use of the battery

But the most impressive is the use, on a daily basis, the artificial intelligence. This ranges from the optimization of the use of the battery in real-time – Google relies on the computing power of the start-up british DeepMind, acquired in 2016 – the integration of the Lens, a function of search by the image that is installed natively on the camera Pixel, and, pointing to a music album, immediately recognizes the title, gives you the breed of the dog in front of you, translates a menu in a restaurant, while giving pictures of the ingredients… Impressive so even if it is sometimes necessary to scan an object from multiple angles before it would be recognized.

deep learning is the central concern of all manufacturers of smartphones, as evidenced by the new project of Andy Rubin, who aims more or less to reproduce a double of ourselves, able to take decisions in our place. By developing a device that appears as one of the best challengers of the latest iPhone, including the XS Max, Google does not risk-does it not to upset its partners ? Answer in video.


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