In October 2018, died in a crash of a Boeing 737 Max 8 in the airline Lion Air in front of the Indonesian coast, 189 people. On Sunday an identical machine crashed in the vicinity of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa now – none of the 157 people on Board survived. Among the Victims, five were Germans, the foreign office said. Two crashes of the same type of aircraft in half a year, and a new model. This can be a coincidence. The causes of both accidents are investigated by the airlines, as well as of experts from Boeing and the US transportation security administration.

China, Indonesia, and Ethiopia stated on Monday, however, a provisional suspension for all identical machines. Are affected at least 110 planes. German airlines currently have no Boeing 737 Max 8 as a spokesman for the Federal transport Ministry announced.

thing about the aircraft is known, which incidents to that, there was, and how safe air travel is – TIME ONLINE important questions:

answered All the questions in the Overview: What the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft is? What about the two crashes? Pilots complained about the 737 Max 8, why? As a check of the safety of an aircraft? How safe is airplane travel in General? What the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft is?

The Boeing 737 aircraft of the U.S. American aircraft manufacturer Boeing is the largest family of commercial aircraft in the world. The models with the additional designation Max have more fuel-efficient engines than their predecessors and carry about 200 passengers on medium-long distances between 2,000 and 5,000 kilometers.

The Version of the Max 8 is also very new: The model is a reissue of the since the sixties-built Boeing 737 and will be delivered in the new Form with larger engines for 2017. Boeing have already sold more than 350 of these aircraft, more than 5,000 were ordered.

Addis Ababa – 157 people die in a plane crash in Ethiopia, The airplane of the Ethiopian Airline was on the way in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. The Boeing 737 MAX 8 is one of the world’s most reliable aircraft. © Photo: MICHAEL TEWELDE/AFP/

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What about the two crashes?

Although there is still no fundamental conclusions as to the lack of safety of the Boeing Version of the 737 Max 8. According to the Chinese aviation authority, which has banned the Start-up of the aircraft model, for the time being, however, “certain Similarities” in the two victim machines to detect: Both are new out of Max provided-8 aircraft, and both were killed in an accident in the start-up phase and this is at good weather conditions.

In Ethiopia, the radio stopped was to contact flight ET 302 six minutes after the Start, a little later the machine crashed. Shortly after the departure of the flight, the experienced Pilot got off a distress call and then the clearance to return to receive, said the operator of the machine, Ethiopian Airlines. The Pilot had been working since 2010 for the Airline. The scene of the accident already the voice recorder, which records the communication in the Cockpit, and the flight recorders were recovered the digital flight data shared with Ethiopian Airlines. A former investigator of the US transport authority, Alan Diehl, said that the large fluctuations in Speed during the ascent of the machine, pointing to a possible control problem. But it is also a engine damage, human error, Sabotage, or bird strikes will not be ruled out as causes.

crash of the Boeing 737 Max 8 in Indonesia, on 29. October of 2018 is still not a final investigation report. The CEO of the Airline, Lion Air, Edward Sirait, had confirmed after the accident that the machine had already had before the Start of a technical Problem. However, this had been before the flight fixed.

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pilots complained about the 737 Max 8, why?

Some days after the disaster in Indonesia, the manufacturer Boeing, the airlines, the already-737-Max-8 models were in use, informed about possible difficulties with the machines. So sometimes faulty information from a sensor could lead to the aircraft lowered its nose automatically. As the Washington Post reported, was the pilot and the pilot explained inside the deal with the Sensors. Also, this Problem should occur only in case of manual control. The led, however, to complaints. Some pilots were of the opinion that Boeing did not sufficiently aware of the System and the associated complications. The Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg disagreed, however, in December of last year. He said that Boeing didn’t hold any operational Details from pilots and airlines.

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checked, As is the safety of an aircraft?

All aircraft are regularly maintained and overhauled, otherwise you are not likely to stand out. The airlines follow international strict laws, regulations by public authorities for aviation security and its own rules. A quick examination will take place before each flight. The Crew and a mechanic, looking for any visible external damage or leaks. Once a day mechanic test in addition, individual functions, check the brakes and tires and, if necessary, refill Oil and hydraulic fluid. After a few Hundred hours of flight with a machine in the so-called more A must Check, in the function of the engine is checked. In addition to this A Check are there in larger intervals, other maintenance schedules for the machines, sometimes several days will be withdrawn from circulation. About every ten years, is taken to be a plane completely apart and part checked thoroughly.

The machine that is crashed on Sunday, was, according to Ethiopian Airlines last updated on November 4. February been waiting for. Since the purchase of the aircraft by the end of 2018, it was around 1,200 hours. A routine check immediately before the Start on Sunday have shown no problems, the airline said chief Tewolde placed in Mariam.

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How safe airplane travel is generally?

Although the air traffic has increased in the past decades, accidents and serious incidents only in Germany increasingly rare. Worldwide, this Trend is observed. In 2017, for example, was, by far, the safest year in almost three decades. 50 people died, according to the Aviation Safety Network in the event of accidents in commercial air traffic. In 2018 the Numbers will be increased in comparison to 2017. The majority of air crashes since 1945, there occurred, according to the statistics portal Statista, in the United States.

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