The climate change makes the polar bears a hard time. In view of the increasing global warming, and their natural habitat in the ice that you once considered gone forever melts them, literally under the feet. In the past few years, shocking images of polar bears went again and again through the media, could hardly keep on the legs. Worldwide, there are according to the WWF, about 22,000 to 31,000 and polar bears, but the animals are threatened with extinction.

An important reason for this is only climate change, but also the direct threat of the people is not. In addition to the challenges of a changing environment, the polar bear population is decimated namely time and again by hunters who have it in explicitly to the white bear. Animal protection organizations such as the Initiative to Ban Trophy Hunting to make sure that the governments limit the polar bear hunt or a ban.

trophy hunting of polar bears takes reported to

As the English “Mirror”, has increased the hunting of polar bears for last. In the past years, had been killed on the canadian Arctic circle, 5000 of these animals. Especially popular are the so-called “trophy hunting”, which refers to the animal protection organization Peta as “the most perverse and most common kind of Hunt on polar bears” is. In the process, chasing and killing people polar bears to take their fur as a Souvenir to take home or to leave the animal completely stuffed.

It has long been time that the UK Government bans the import of animal trophies to Britain – SIGN our petition now:

Posted by Ban Trophy Hunting on Saturday, 27. July 2019

Eduardo Gonsalves Ban Trophy Hunting, said the “Mirror”: “If polar bears are to survive, we must stop this slaughter. The government should trophies the Import of the hunting ban.” So the hunters would have taken at least the main motivation for their Hobby, the hunting rights in other countries, the British government has of course no influence. Your claim has awarded the Initiative with a Petition strongly.

the campaign calls for a ban on the import of hunting trophies

the trophy hunting has developed a whole field of business. Different providers promise their clients for a price between 35,000 and 45,000 dollars a polar bear hunt with “one hundred percent” success rate. Support the hunters by Locals. The provider Quality Hunts advertises on its Website with pictures of hunters, the joy of posing radiant with their weapons next to dead polar bears, for his tours.

“The last thing the bears need are trophy hunters, who shoot for the fun of it on you, so that you can make a Selfie and a bear head over the fireplace,” said animal rights activists Gonsalves the “Mirror”. The government should, in the opinion of his organization internationally, in the protection of species agreements, the trophy hunting will be banned.

An important advocate in the immediate vicinity of the government, the animal rights activists have now. Carrie Symonds, friend of the newly elected British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said on Twitter recently, an article about polar bear hunting and attracted more attention to the issue. “These images are disturbing. To me, most majestic pair of scissors animals rarely fall when the mighty polar bears. Why should anyone have to so something pleasure?”, you wrote about this.

sources: Petition on the Action Network / “Mirror” / Ban Trophy Hunting on Facebook / Quality Hunts

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