In Romania has triggered the behavior of the police in the abduction and murder of a young girl’s protests – many people accuse the security forces deadly failure. Several thousand demonstrators marched in the capital Bucharest on Saturday on the road and chanted in chants of “incompetence” to the address of the investigator. In addition, they demanded the resignation of the government. In memory of the murdered teenagers, many people laid flowers in front of the Ministry of the interior, and lit candles.

The 15-year-old Alexandra was gone on Wednesday as they tried to go hitchhiking in your home Dobrosloveni in the South of the country. On Thursday, she was able to choose three Times with a mobile phone the emergency call and the police say that they would be kept in a house in the südrumän city Caracal caught. “He comes, he comes,” she said, according to the now dismissed police chief of Romania, Ioan Buda, before a phone call with your demolition. Prior to these emergency calls, a neighbor of the Suspects had heard of out of the house screaming, and this reported to the police – didn’t respond.

Killed a hitchhiker to be applied for hard-to-output end of the confession in the murder of Sophia AFP police only warrant

the police came across more than twelve hours after the distress calls of the girl after the search of several houses on the building, in which was detained for 15-Year-old. Although in the case of emergencies such as this, no search warrant is needed, requested by the investigators such – and then waited again until dawn to search the house. Until then, already 19 hours had passed since the last call from Alexandra. Minister of the interior, Nicolae Moga fired on Friday evening, police chief Buda. Drastic measures “in the case were” necessary, he said.

According to the Prosecutor, on Saturday, 65, was arrested-year-old suspect. Investigators had found during the search of his house and of the garden, human Remains and jewelry from Alexandra. The Suspect claimed initially to have the young people never met and to be innocent. His lawyers that he could not, however, explain why Alexandra had used his phone.

the arrested person confesses to murder of two women

On Sunday, he confessed, according to his lawyer, the fact, finally. Also, he admitted, therefore, the murder of a since April missing 18-Year-olds . Both of the women he had taken as a guide in his car and brought it home. He wanted to have Sex with you. Because the young women refused to accept this, he killed you.

To deal with the emergency calls, the police explained that it is technically impossible, the caller places the could not give the address of your place of stay carefully. For this purpose, the chief of the national special telecommunications service, STS, Sorinel Vasilca to be questioned on Monday by the defence Committee of the Parliament.

the head of state, Iohannis sees in the case a sign that due to corrupt practices, incompetent people are allowed to work in the police. “As long as corruption, incompetence, and the carriage to be supported on the basis of other criteria than knowledge of political decision-makers, the suffering of the whole of society,” wrote the President.

demonstrators in Romania furious

the debate on the EU sharply criticized the judicial reform of the country cooked with the case of Alexandra again. The protesters in Bucharest, accused the ruling social Democrats on Saturday to weaken with controversial Changes to the criminal justice system.

pedophile Stephen N. The gruesome murder of the 13-year-old Lucy McHugh

“Why is the police not intervene earlier?”, the protester Cristian Nan asked. This would have to answer “all” – of police and Prosecutor’s office, to the head of government Viorica Dancila. President Iohannis had previously said it was “absolutely” necessary, that all those who declared their resignation, which had dealt with the case of Alexandra is wrong.

source: AFP

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