Pakistan wants to fight the viral disease Polio with a country-wide vaccination campaign. About 260,000 helpers to vaccinate in five days 39.2 million children under the age of five against the contagious disease, said the spokesman for Impfangelegenheiten Babar Bin Atta.

Next to Afghanistan is Pakistan according to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, the only country that had to report in the past year diseases of wild polio virus. Nevertheless, the containment of the viral disease in Pakistan in recent years, was already successful: Atta, according to the number of new infections fell from 306 cases in 2014, twelve in the year 2018.

The government attributes the success mainly to the Impfteams, which could also penetrate the areas in the North-West of the country. These were previously under the control of Militants. Again and again it came to attacks on Polio vaccinators, among other things because of rumors that the vaccine would be used to make Muslim children infertile.

Vaccinations in Germany, Vaccination in Germany

A vaccination, there is not in this country. Against which infectious diseases anyone want himself and his children to protect, so it can decide in cases of doubt. Help and trust recommendations and advice on offer the different facilities. The Impfsystem is clearly regulated. The Federal centre for health education has created the following Overview:

The infection protection act (IfSG) regulates the basic principles for vaccination. The law aims to protect the population against communicable diseases.


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