After criticism the world health organization (WHO) to Opponents and opponents has called SPD-health politician Karl Lauterbach again for a vaccination for measles. “I am in favour of when such a dangerous disease like the measles is a vaccination compulsory,” said Lauterbach in the world. He will advertise for the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) for a new discussion on the need for a mandatory vaccination, “as the previous campaigns for voluntary vaccination, as not sufficiently have proved”.

opponents would put “in an irresponsible manner, the health of many people”, said Lauterbach. Measles were a dangerous disease and could continue to spread if the vaccination rates would not be increased.

Lack of Impfbereitschaft health organization counts, according to the world to the greatest health risks in the world. This threatens the progress made in the fight against diseases, to destroy, with a vaccination preventable. The improvement of the Impfbereitschaft, therefore, according to the WHO, one of the priority objectives for the coming years.

the greens and the CDU to Express a cautious approach to vaccination

in response To a vaccination, the health policy spokesman of the Union group, Karin Maag (CDU). Although she, too, sees opponents as “a major health risk”. But before it could be discussed in Germany, a vaccination, it must be examined what are the experiences in Italy and France were made after the local introduction of a vaccination for measles. “If it turns out that the two countries have successes through vaccination, we should also discuss in Germany about a vaccination,” said Maag.

The Union expert at the same time expressed concerns. Short or long term, a statutory mandatory vaccination would land before the Federal constitutional court, said Maag. For the prevention of measles, a lot has already been done. So unvaccinated children should be excluded for a time from the daycare visit. In addition, parents would have to pay in the case of a refusal of the vaccination advice high fines.

What are the measles? Measles

measles include diseases to the virus. The pathogen is extremely sensitive to heat, light, and disinfectants. Is transferred to it by droplets – so when in contact with Infected. It is usually sufficient, in a room with a man to stop carrying the highly contagious Virus.

especially in developing countries, measles continues to be a large Problem. In Germany, the number of outbreaks has decreased significantly. Since the seventies there is a cheap and efficient vaccine against the pathogen. But it gets repeated to regional epidemics. Not eradicated the measles in spite of the efforts of the health authorities.


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