2000: A Millennial in Nigeria

Tayo is most 1. January 2000 in a village in Nigeria was born. He is the sixth child of his parents, which is average for a Nigerian family. The country has 122 million inhabitants.

2018: Finally at the age of

Tayo celebrates his 18. Birthday. In 2018, about 50 percent of the approximately 195 million Nigerian children and adolescents. Globally, the proportion of Minors is 30 percent, in Germany only 16 percent.

2024: study in Germany

20 Tayo gets a scholarship and study in Aachen, Germany, agricultural engineering. Germany in 2024, about 82 million inhabitants. Without immigration, it will be in the years afterwards, becoming less and less.

2030: Tayo becomes a father

Back in Nigeria, Tayo and his wife have their first child. Because of the many births and rising life expectancy, Africa’s population grows in the thirty years by more than 20 percent – about three times as fast as the Rest of the world.

2050: The first grandchild

Tayo and his wife are grandparents. Her daughter, the oldest of their four children, would not get more than two children, There is room in the small apartment is hardly in Lagos. In the majority of countries in the world, the birth rate has fallen considerably in the poorest countries, but it is still high.

2075: old people’s home in Lagos

With 75 moves Tayo Lagos, due to the better care of the elderly. Nigeria’s Megacity has several dozen million inhabitants. In poor countries people move from rural areas in agglomerations, in order to find work and a bit of prosperity.

2099: Tayos death

A day before his 100. Birthday dies Tayo. Meanwhile 11.2 billion people on earth – over five billion more than at the time of his birth.

Illustration: Matthias Schütte; Search: Claus Hecking
sources: UN population forecast 2017 (we have chosen the medium scenario), ourworldindata.org


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