Before the 45 days, the 15-year-old Rebecca disappeared from Berlin – till today there is no trace of her. Week, the unsettled fate of the schoolgirl dominated the headlines. In the meantime, it has become quiet in the case – at least in the press.

Off to the Public in the investigation of the murder Commission with a high level of intensity. The officials are not convinced that the youth is alive. However, a definitive proof of this, you do not have. The body of Rebecca was found, in spite of various large-scale search operations in Berlin and Brandenburg so far. And the suspect brother-in-law of the girl was discharged after 18 days of detention. (Read here in the star.)

Over 2000 notes in the case of Rebecca,

Meanwhile, around 2200 information from the public received by the police, said a spokesman, including those of self-proclaimed psychics. The notes are continually prioritized and executed the murder investigators meeting for the briefing. Now the Berlin public Prosecutor’s office makes a new hope, that in the case of movement. “We are confident that we will find soon a new and important clue that could lead us to Rebecca”, quoted by “Focus Online,” authorities spokesman Martin Steltner. Details, he did not want to do, therefore, with regard to the ongoing investigation.

Missing 15-Year-old from Berlin “To the hunt”: a lawyer from Rebecca’s brother-in-law criticized investigators and the media, scharf

So is also unclear whether the hope of new insights, the murder Commission is based, or their previous hypothesis of slow: After that, investigators believe, the Rebecca the house of her brother-in-law and her oldest sister in Berlin-Britz on the Morning of the 18. January not conscious. This conclusion was “as a result of the phone behavior from Rebecca and the evaluation of the router data-out of the house,” said Michael Hoffmann, head of the leading homicide, at the beginning of March in the ZDF. At the time of the crime Rebecca’s brother-in-law had been with the student alone.

in Addition, the 27-Year-old had made trips to the Disappearance of the girl for at least two suspects in the car, which had not yet been conclusively explained: On the Morning of the 18. February and in the night of may 19. on the 20. In February, the indicator of the raspberry red Renault Twingo has been recognized, therefore, on highway 12 Southeast of Berlin by an automatic monitoring system. To have the times only the brother-in-law Rebecca had access to the vehicle, Hartmann.

mother believes in kidnapping

on “urgent suspicion” against the man, said Prosecutor Steltner after his release from custody. Nevertheless, he was more in the focus of the investigators.

The members of Rebecca’s claimed in various Interviews that they believed in the innocence of the brother-in-law, and conveyed the image of a solid cohesion within the family.

15-Year-old more case, Rebecca missed: Now is the wife of the brother-in-law

talking about Recently, the father of the Missing expressed in the “image”newspaper: “Within the family, no doubt, to him,” said the tiler of the sheet. “We’ve talked with Florian since his release, and also to delve on what happened on the day of Rebecca’s Disappearance. But he’s not allowed to say anything, his attorney has forbidden him.”

The family has not given up hope to be able to Rebecca back in his arms. So the girl’s mother said in an Interview with RTL, recently, that you assume that your daughter is “going somewhere”. She appealed to potential kidnappers: “I would like to ask, if those who listen to me, you will finally be free.” Also you reiterated that you think your son-in-law is innocent.

After the recent search operation of the police in Brandenburg, remained without result, the younger of the two sisters, Rebecca’s in Instagram: “Every day I stare in the sky, see the sun’s rays and send my prayers to God, that he hears you and us our little angel safely back.” And: “I know that you’re there. I feel that you’re alive.”

Here’s the mug calling the police.

source: “Focus Online”, “Bild”-Zeitung, ZDF, RTL, police Berlin, DPA news Agency



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