dear readers, dear readers,


Thomas Ammann, Deputy editor-in-chief stern, Chairman of the Foundation, star e. V.

in December 2003, the Foundation established star, she is now so for fifteen years. One and a half decades in which we were able to help thanks to your generous support worldwide to people in Need. So far, nearly two million euros went to the Initiative “families in Need” of wellcome gGmbH, the needy families in Germany helps. With 1.4 million euros in the project “schools help funded schools”, which has rebuilt after the devastating 2004 Tsunami in Sri Lanka and Indonesia destroyed new schools. Thanks to donations from the star-reader could be provided in addition, extensive emergency relief for the victims of the earthquake in Pakistan (2005) and Haiti (2007).

And the work goes on, there are still a lot of to a lot of Hardship In the country and abroad: In the year 2018, we have been able to support projects in South Sudan, Syria and Yemen, in those regions of the world, in which wars, suffers from especially in the civilian population. Also in Bangladesh, in Indonesia and in Latin America, we were able to promote several projects, but most of the donations went this year to needy children and their families in Germany.

Here you can donate:

Foundation’s star,

IBAN: DE20 2007 0000 0469 9500 00


Our approach has not changed since the Foundation of the star: We provide a fast, direct and unbureaucratic help. Our reporters tell us of interesting aid projects, they meet in their work at home and abroad. We only support projects, of which we are self-confident and for which we have from the star to us can vouch. Maximum transparency is our goal, because mutual trust is the most important Basis for our work.

In the past few months, we were able to distribute approximately 266.000 euros in donations, since the Foundation of the star there are a total of 7.9 million. We can be proud of. Because all of this is only possible because you put your trust in us. I would like to thank you on behalf of the entire editorial and all the projects we support from the heart.

Sincerely yours, Thomas Ammann, Deputy editor-in-chief stern, Chairman of the Foundation, star e. V.

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The following reports an Overview of who has helped the Foundation star in the year 2018, give it to them.

Syria: lives in ruins

In the former ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, residents are fighting back to life.


children in the streets of the destroyed city of Raqqa

©Nicole Tung star

in Raqqa, already long no longer a state. The Assad Regime fled in 2013, the citizens who demonstrated for freedom, and enrolled in the Form of bombs from the air. The terrorists of the IS called the state and managed by the city, widespread but especially fear and Terror.

And now? The city governed itself, under the eyes of Kurds and the Americans, you liberated from IS. The Rule is more of a Improvise. Raqqa looks like a memorial. You can see here, what do only a few years of the war. The houses are broken, the people are too.

star-Reportage of the Syrian city of Raqqa, “The world is not interested in us. It is”

If you travel as a Reporter to Raqqa, you feel alone, because firstly, hardly any other journalists come here, and secondly, because you realize upon arrival, as isolated, as this city is, how far away from the Rest of the world. It then passes through the bombed-out streets and asks: Who should build here? It will take years, or decades? It is a place that has difficulties to cope with everyday life. Not a place you want to be, if you will, for example, got sick and quickly in need of help.

Since last year, the aid organisation Doctors accept without limits, large parts of the health care, because there is hardly anyone else does. The physician to treat war wounds, vaccinate, distribute drugs against diarrhea and help in the management of trauma. Who needs a doctor in Raqqa, go to the mobile clinics of the organization. Patients in especially critical condition are transferred to the emergency surgery the Doctors without borders house supported ill Tal Abyad. Twice the star has reported this year from the city. Thanks to the donations of our readers, a total of 35,000 euros could be to Doctors without borders paid for the medical care of the people.

Germany: places of refuge for children

The ark gives children and young people from poor backgrounds orientation for life.


The 17-year-old Alfred visited the ark regularly

©Merlin Nadj-Torma star

Since 2005, star support-readers, many children and young people who live as their parents in poverty. A Million euros in donations since then in different projects of the Christian children – and youth work flowed The ark. Alone, 40,000 euros were donated this year for needy children in Leipzig and Osnabrück.

children in poverty

The Foundation star promotes regular small-scale local initiatives in the fight against child poverty in Germany. With 5000 Euro, for example, a fall of leisure to Helgoland for disadvantaged children from Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg.

a Further 20,000 euros went to the ark project encouragement in Hamburg. It young people without a care, little chance of helping to take care for themselves. “We want to foster Strengths and giving us hope,” says project Director Shabnam Jalali. More than a hundred young people were able to make the Abitur or a vocational training. “Often, someone who believes in your strength missing you”, says Jalali. “We can do that. And we are very proud that together we are so successful.”

The project started four years ago, thanks to donations, the Foundation’s star and the Stiftung RTL. With more than 150,000 euros a year, three will be financed social workers; they formulate with each young person a Plan of what to make out of your life. And practical help.

“It’s so good when there’s someone by your side,” says the aspiring high-school graduate, Alfred Gyimah. On the encouragement he was motivated to write his first composition, and learned from the nationwide music competition “Your Song for the world”. With his Rap about Cohesion and humanity of the 17-Year-old is one of the winners. He is the Oldest of seven siblings and attended the Hamburg ark in the district of Jenfeld, since he was six years old. There he got to know the people who take care of him and make him feel that he can openly talk about his problems and then find solutions together with the parents and the teachers.

The project, encouragement was reviewed by the international consulting firm Boston Consulting Group on its effectiveness: of Each in this funding program has invested Euro bring 20 Euro “social Benefits,” says the consultant. To do regardless of feeling Good. And above all: courage.

Germany: relief and welfare

help for families with seriously ill children.


Eva loves Jumping, Hopping, Climbing. No one looks at her, that she is severely disabled.

©Joanna Nottebrock star

The five-year-old Eva Bornemann came up with a incurable genetic disorder to the world, the Undine syndrome. Once Eva is asleep or there is an infection, your natural breathing reflex. You must be therefore monitored around the clock and at night, artificial respiration.

family in a state of emergency Eva has a rare disease. When she sleeps, she hears breathing

In the spring of 2018 could make Eva a Dolphin-assisted therapy, which helped her a lot. Thanks to donations from the star-reader, the girl can participate in the next year, another Time for such therapy. The trip is organized by the Association Dolphin Aid for the family.

Also, seriously ill children in Hamburg will be helped with donations to: children’s pilot e. V. advises and accompanies for more than eleven years families with your sick or disabled child. For the planned day care facility, the Association is looking for a suitable premises, furnish the Foundation a star is involved.

Germany: More projects

help donate to support selected initiatives in the long term.


A child’s picture as a thank you

©Wellcome gGmbH star

Wellcome Fund Donations – With almost two million euros, star readers have helped since the end of 2009 for needy families in Germany. The action will be the responsibility of the Wellcome gGmbH. Thanks to the nationwide network, each family not only financially, but also intensive advice and follow-up. Perhaps the most Important: the parents do not know that you are not alone.

practice without the limits of This doctor treated everyone – except people with health insurance By Marc Drewello

practice without borders – The outpatient clinic for Uninsured in Hamburg is supported since 2015 of the Foundation star. The Team consists of 48 volunteer Physicians, nurses, interpreters and a Social worker. Ten disciplines are represented, of ophthalmology about gynecology to dentistry. More than 5200 patients without health insurance were treated in 2018.

South Sudan: Cautious hope

In September, it was closed during the civil war, land of peace, but the people still need help.


A soldier with his malnourished son

©Mads Nissen a star

He is the youngest state of the earth and comes out of the Wars and crises. The hope was, at that time, in 2011, politicians, activists such as George Clooney, they all had to come to the capital Juba to witness the birth of South Sudan and the end of the civil war with the North. But shortly thereafter, fighting broke out again between the tribes of the South. Former allies sent their troops to each other, new militias were formed, it came to a war of each against all. The result is a devastated villages, abandoned fields, desperate people. In September peace was concluded, but it is unclear how stable it will be. Furthermore, the people of South Sudan are in need of food aid.

Here you can donate:

Foundation’s star,

IBAN: DE20 2007 0000 0469 9500 00


After the star in the spring of 2017 on the situation in the country had reported, donated a reader of 50,000 euros. Also in this year, further donations were received, and the Foundation of the star was once again able to transfer € 20,000 to world hunger relief. The money and food will be funded centres, including in the Camps of the United Nations. Alone between July and September of 2018, more than 200,000 people with food received help, nearly 30,000 children were provided with a special structure of food.

Italy: Integration

Sant’egidio helps refugees.


field beds in a Church in Rome

©Alessandro Penso star

Who flees from his home, often. Also those that promise for a lot of money to have a better life. The Christian lay community of Sant’egidio goes the other way: it tries to give with the creation of “Humanitarian corridors” for refugees, a perspective on life, by helping you to a legal entry also in the Integration with the courses, the mediation of work and schooling support voice. The Foundation the star helped with donations. The project, from Italy, is already being implemented in other European countries.

Yemen: emergency aid

The devastating war in the civilian population.


A woman holds a malnourished child in a hospital in the province of Hadscha

©Mohammed Mohammed DPA

Hunger and destruction than weapons, Isolation, and Propaganda as policy. In Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Iran fighting for Power, without any regard to the people in the country. According to estimates, three-quarters of the population are dependent on humanitarian aid. The Foundation star supported with 15,000 euros, the work of Doctors without borders in the town of Taiz, where the volunteers every day to save people’s lives.

El Salvador: assistance in the women’s prison

In the Central American country is a termination of pregnancy a criminal offence – without any exception.


Teodora (R), and Alba (below) with Julio Monge of the Asociación Tiempos Nuevos Teatro

©DGCP / Asociación Tiempos Nuevos Teatro star

The report from the women’s prison in El Salvador shook a lot of star readers: Young women need to because of a supposed abortion up to 30 years in jail. Even if you’ve probably suffered a miscarriage. Hardly a country has such a rigid abortion laws, like El Salvador. The Asociación Tiempos Nuevos Teatro cared for these women in prison and helps them in the Reintegration.

star-interview Alba Rodríguez she was raped, lost her Baby and has to spend 30 years in prison By Jan Christoph Wiechmann was hired by TNT and now takes care of 25 suffering comrades. It will help you to complete behind bars to endure and the school. Among them Alba, the protagonist of the stern-report and the mother of two daughters who will come in 2019, after eleven years in prison, hopefully. The Foundation star supports the TNT with 20,000 euros.

South America: plans for the future

Second home for poor children


Dona Elma surrounded by their proteges

©Ser Alzira de Aleluia star

in Brazil, The organization Ser Alzira de Aleluia Dona Elma is a fixture in Rio’s Favela “Vidigal”. Here are 121 children English, computer science, and learning to dance, you will receive extra tuition if the public school has to close due to shootings again, as the star learned at a recent Research. The goal: to lead children from poor neighborhoods to the high school and at the universities, and to create new role models in the Slums.

Brazil prior to the election of a woman Rios children, in spite of the crisis, a future Christoph Wiechmann

From Jan For many children Ser Alzira de Aleluia is a second home and an important Alternative to the temptations of the street and the drug gangs. Unfortunately, the of own people-powered organization that receives no state funding and is struggling in the current Brazilian economic crisis, with a sharp downturn in contributions. The Foundation star supported with 10,000 euros.


Sponsored young people from Sucre, Bolivia

©Bolivian children’s Fund star

in Bolivia, The project La vida sigue of the Bolivian children’s Fund has similar aims: to enable young people to further education and training. The Teens all have one thing in common: they live without parents. They come from the poor periphery, and are the First in their families ever create a conclusion.

2018 were awarded ten scholarships, thanks in part to the donations made by the star-readers. Prerequisite: The young adults need to achieve good grades, and by the way, does not work, but only so much that they neglect their training.

Bangladesh: struggle to Survive

health care in the biggest refugee camp in the world.

It’s a big city without a name. A sprawling settlement in the Nothing. More than 900,000 people live in the largest refugee camp in the world in Bangladesh. The Rohingya are Muslims from the neighbouring country of Myanmar, who had to flee from there, and now sit in the border area. They built huts made of tarps and Bamboo poles, they organized their provisional existence, not knowing whether it would take weeks or months. Now you wait here for over a year.

Here you can donate:

Foundation’s star,

IBAN: DE20 2007 0000 0469 9500 00


Doctors without borders 2000 employees on site, to ensure that the situation is escalating. Within a week, she instilled in the residents of the camp against Cholera. You were 18 hospital wards, where every day children come to the world. Sometimes you can sit back and watch how the monsoon the huts the rain sweeps away and people die under a lot of Slopes. The star reported several times on the Plight of the Rohingya, most recently in the report “At the end”, and asked the readers for help. Thanks to the donations, 20,000 Euro fins again to Doctors without borders to support the relief work in the Rohingya Camps.

Indonesia: Recycling in Paradise

A unique project forward


catapults In the fight against waste: project Manager Magga Fira

©Ulet Ifansasti star

What have you done just that the water is so much cleaner?”, is Mareike chicken asked, recently, often, when boats from dive safaris to make your on the island of Banda Neira. The marine biologist is for five years, in her Indonesian home, a garbage disposal build and train the population in dealing with plastic waste.

Since the star reported, and the reader donated 20,000 euros, is in progress, the young German in your mammoth task is a big step. With twelve newly hired waste collectors, the project could be extended to almost the whole island.

is utilized So that as much waste as possible, supported by chicken in addition to women, the manufacture of plastic garbage bags. Especially now secured the funding for a Recyclinghofs, which will replace the stinking garbage dump. Plastic waste Diesel and Gasoline fuels.


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