Monday, the 15. October 2018. A previously unknown caller dials the emergency call. He comes from a house in Barron, a city in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. The rescue forces at the end of the other line hear: nothing. No one speaks with you. In the Background you perceive restlessness, perhaps a commotion.

Four minutes later, the police reached the house. What you find there, will confirm to the officials two days later: James and Denise Closs are dead, they were shot. Of their daughter, Jayme Closs, 13, is missing, however each track. The suspicion: she was kidnapped from the volatile and “likely armed” perpetrator – or perpetrators -.

Now, almost two months later, Jayme Closs showed up again. And she lives. A suspect is in custody, shall notify the Barron County Sheriff’s Department on Facebook. For more Details, you would give in a press conference, which is scheduled for today, Friday, is known.

What is happening in Wisconsin?

Jayme Closs was able to escape from the hands of her abductor, should also be for the murder of their parents responsible, the police announced in the state of Wisconsin on Friday. The 21-year-old suspect was shortly after the Emergence of the child arrested.

Local media it was found that Jayme Closs had escaped from a country house in the heart of Gordon, close to 100 miles from Barron. Closs had neglected looked, as residents would have you sighted in a small village (about ten miles East of Gordon). She was emaciated and dirty, your shoes are much too big.

13-year-old Jayme Closs, her parents were murdered by US police is desperately looking for this girl By Marc Drewello

according to One report, a teacher had chosen the emergency call, after a neighbor “desperate” knocking on your door: “This is Jayme Closs! Call 911!”, he should have said. The man have realized the Missing when out on walks, so the local press. Subsequently, the 13-Year-old about 20 minutes to have persevered until the police came. Food and Drink have rejected it.

The will to Survive, the 13-Year-old has been “unbelievable,” said the chief of police of the County of Barron, Chris Fitzgerald, at a press conference. It was unclear, initially, what the girls in the captivity happened, and the circumstances under which it could escape.

The girl had been taken away “against his will” from the 21-Year-old, said Fitzgerald. The question of whether the Teenager had suffered in captivity, “physical abuse”, could not answer the police chief initially. Jayme Closs spent the night in the hospital and should be brought to Friday’s Relatives. You go “well,” said the chief of police.

About the offenders, not much was initially known. The man in Wisconsin no criminal record, said Fitzgerald. The Suspect went after thus last none of them of employment. He was now accused by the investigators, formally of the double murder and the kidnapping. According to Fitzgerald, the man planned the attack on the house of the Closs family, and originally the girl as a “single goal” view. Jayme Closs was in the house when their parents were shot, said Fitzgerald.

Update, 19.05: The Text has been published before the press conference with the chief of police of the County of Barron. We have updated the article accordingly.

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