+++ 10. January: Schülke & Mayr GmbH, germ-recalls-contaminated mouthwash +++

The chemical and pharmaceutical company Schülke & Mayr GmbH recalls several batches of their product, “Octenidol md oral rinse”. Cause a microbiological contamination by the germ Burkholderia cepacia. According to the information letter of recall should have taken place due to a government arrangement. Complaints were not dealt with at the company. The following batches are affected by the recall: 1500548, 1502589, 1502724, 1504482, 1504870, 1507056, 1507320, 1507799,1510193,1510617, 1511550 and 1511688.

Burkholderia cepacia is resistant to many common antibiotics, and can lead to a rapid loss of lung function and death. He is one of the so-called problem germs.

+++ 3. January: organic brand recalls products because of the contained fungal toxins +++

The Dutch Bio-supplier TerraSana more peanut recalls-products, the high values of the fungal poison Aflatoxin. To act affected the products “Erdnussmus Crunchy Peanut organic” and “Erdnussmus Peanut organic”, available in various sizes in natural food trade in Germany and Belgium.

The recall includes 250-grams-glasses “Erdnussmus Crunchy Peanut organic” with the shelf life data 03.07.2020 and 24.07.2020, the 500-gram jars of the same product with the shelf life data 02.07.2020 and 23.07.2020, the 250 gram jars of the “Erdnussmus Peanut organic” with the shelf life data 04.07.2020 and 05.07.2020, as well as the 500-gram jars of the same product with the shelf life data 10.06.2020, 02.07.2020 and 05.07.2020.

aflatoxins are naturally occurring fungal toxins that exert in concentrations of tens of micrograms per kilogram of body weight a toxic effect on the liver, and in the worst case, necrosis or liver dystrophy. One distinguishes at least 20 naturally occurring aflatoxins.

+++ 20. December: Porsche calls for 75,000 Panamera back in the workshop +++

Porsche, almost 75,000 copies of the Panamera recalls worldwide due to a Software error. Affected vehicles, which between the 21. March 2016 and the 6. December 2018 have been produced, such as Porsche announced on Thursday. The error could lead to the information according to the electric power steering works sporadically. To Draw more power was required, explained the carmaker. To avoid this, it must be programmed with the appropriate control unit. Affected customers would be notified. The necessary stay in the workshop will last about an hour.

+++ 18. December: Aldi-Süd-Ready-made Sandwiches recalled due to possible germs +++

Because of the potential for microbial contamination of the food manufacturer, “H.-J. Fabry’s Food & Snack” Sandwiches has been recalled. It is not recommend to consume the entire distribution area of Aldi Süd delivered product called “Snack Time Sweet Chili Chicken on wheat bread,” said the company, based in Dudeldorf in the eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm.

studies have shown that it could have the germ Listeria monocytogenes. This could under certain circumstances cause flu-like symptoms, and in the case of sensitive people, the “very serious” infectious disease listeriosis. According to the land investigation office Rheinland-Pfalz, listeriosis can lead to diseases of the Central nervous system.

as a Precaution, the warning for all the products in this product group, as of the date of minimum durability 20. December 2018. The articles concerned have the information, according to the following tracking codes on the front of the packaging: FFS20185486, FFS20185506, FFS20185537, FFS20185559, FFS20185589, FFS20185613, FFS20185643, FFS20185670, FFS20185703, FFS20185729, FFS20185757, FFS20185786.

you can be returned according to the figures available in all Aldi-Süd stores. The purchase price will be refunded, without submission of receipts.

+++ 14. December: drogerie Markt DM calls organic long-grain rice due to Aflatoxin-Held +++

The drugstore chain DM calls back “dmBio long-grain rice nature”. Goods be affected with the minimum shelf-life data, 26.10.2019 and 23.11.2019, the company said on Friday.

It is not excluded that in the products increased Aflatoxin levels. Aflatoxins are fungi metabolic products of mold. Customers can return the packages unopened or broken in the dm-markets. The purchase price will be refunded.

+++ 13. December: Lamborghini sports cars due to faulty warning light to be called back +++

Lamborghini is calling back due to faulty warning lights in the world 2482 sports car of the type Gallardo in the garage. Reason a software error: error messages would not be saved after turning Off the engine and the warning lights then no longer be displayed, explained, a Lamborghini spokesman on Thursday. The driver would not be warned, if there is trouble with the car vehicle. The recall was voluntary, the error will be fixed in two hours. The Blog kfz-rueckrufe.de earlier it was reported about that.

Lamborghini has sold in the past year, 3815 sports cars – most of them in the United States – and nearly a billion Euro turnover is. The factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese has 1500 employees and is part of how the motorcycle manufacturer Ducati to Audi AG and the VW group.

+++ 11. December: Hema call back letters-chocolate +++

The Dutch trading company Hema has created chocolate bars. The product “milk-nut chocolate letters” (160 grams) could contain plastic pieces, founded the company of its decision. It was “very disappointed by his supplier”. Hema with its German Headquarters in Essen, with numerous branches in the Federal territory of present sold, among other things, apparel, leisure articles, office supplies or candy. The recall affects the länder of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Hesse, lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate.

+++ 10. December: recall of anti-baby pill “Trigoa” relates to a longer period of time than accepted +++

threaten to errors in the taking and unwanted pregnancies: The recall of the anti-baby pill “Trigoa” relates to well-known a three-day longer period of time than in the past. According to a Monday on the website of the Federal Institute for drugs and medical products (BfArM) published notice to pharmacists and Doctors of women on the recall are “actively to informn” between 27. November and 6. December could have redeemed the prescription.

On Friday, the Berlin state office for health and social Affairs (Lageso), as the competent Supervisory authority of the manufacturer, Pfizer announced that women should return to the drug through pharmacies, the the the prevention of resources between 27. November and 3. December.

According to the authorities, were printed in the “Trigoa”batches X34106, X51153 and W98332 the blister packs in the wrong. This can lead to women take different doses of pills in the wrong order. It is the risk of unwanted pregnancy, it said.

The recall could also affect women, those on the pill prior to the 27. November has been prescribed, because prescriptions can be supplied for up to three months, it said in the from the BfArM published information.

How many packs of the errors, says the manufacturer. At the weekend, the talk was of “a low number”. On Monday, a Pfizer spokeswoman said, further information not currently planned. Also by the Berlin authority on Monday to request no further information.

+++ 10. December: Aoste ham recalled due to suspected Salmonella +++

on suspicion of Salmonella, the company Campofrio back to calling the product “Aoste core ham 80g”. Affected batches 4073, 4076, 4079, 4084, and 4091 with a minimum shelf life of 13. December to 3. In January, the company said, with its headquarters in Ratingen, near Düsseldorf, Germany on Friday. The products are different trade Germany chains has been widely marketed. “We advise against consuming the affected products,” it said.

At a pork supplier to the suspicion of a potential Salmonella contamination. The raw material was processed in the affected core ham. The consumer can refund the purchase price.

+++ 10. December: Salmonella risk in cardamom-package +++

The company, TSI warns of Salmonella contaminated cardamom. The spice is often used in Christmas cookies. Miller cardamom to be ground to be affected “in the shell” to 10 grams, the company said on Friday on the website lebensmittelwarnung.de . The bags carry the date of minimum durability 31.01.2024 and 31.02.2021.

A Salmonella illness manifests itself after a few days with diarrhea, abdominal pain, occasional vomiting, and mild fever. Usually the pain subsides after several days. In the preparation of bakery goods, it should be because of the high baking temperatures are normally no health complaints. In the case of severe or persistent symptoms, the Affected should see a doctor.

+++ 7. December: anti baby pill recalled: Unwanted pregnancy threatens +++

Because of incorrectly printed tablets packaging multiple batches of an anti-baby pill to be called back – it threaten to application errors and unwanted pregnancies. Women, the between 27. November and 3. December have received the contraceptive “Trigoa” from the affected batches X34106, X51153 and W98332, to give back to the drug through pharmacies, told the Berlin state office for health and social Affairs (Lageso) on Friday. In these batches the taking order is shown on the so-called blister packs in the wrong. The company Pfizer confirmed on request.

“may result in application errors of the drug is given to the risk of an unwanted pregnancy,” warns the Lageso, as the Supervisory authority of the Berlin-based manufacturer. The coated tablets in the pack are different doses, therefore, the correct sequence of intake is important.

+++ 6. December: Salmonella danger: egg recall in many Federal States +++

Due to Salmonella, the company calls back Eifrisch in many States, cage-free eggs. Affected eggs with the print number 2-DE-0351691 and of minimum durability data from the 19. – 24. In December 2018, informed the company from Lohne (lower Saxony).

The eggs were berries at the net in Bremen and part of Niedersachsen, in the case of Lidl in Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, in the case of Aldi Nord in the regional companies, Horst and large, in the case of Rewe in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg as well as in the country of purchase in Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia have been sold.

An official investigation had detected in the eggs of Salmonella. The consumption could lead to Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, said Eifrisch. The company has let the eggs as a precautionary measure from the shelves, remove. Consumers should return it or dispose of it.

+++ 5. December: Nestlé recalls special food for children +++

The Nestlé Health Science GmbH, has launched on Wednesday a special food for children and parents warned not to give their children the affected by this recall food. This is the batch code 80250346GA with the minimum durability date may 01, 2024 Alfamino 400 grams, said a company spokesman. In about 30 to 40 cans with this Code, a significantly increased dose could be contained in minerals. Other products were not affected.

The defective product after the preparation of the baby food on a gray or green appearance, it said. The special food for children suffering from severe cases of cow’s milk protein Allergy or food allergies. The recalled Batch was brought according to the figures available exclusively in Germany in the trade. A Baby that has already received special food from one of the now recalled cans should fall ill, Nausea, vomiting, or headaches, I will strongly advised to see a doctor, according to a spokesman.


the inclusion of the recall, Nestlé product

©Nestlé Deutschland Fullscreen

The stars are the “Hachez Fondant”, which could potentially be mold infested. The company calls the product as a precautionary measure.

©www.hachez.de +++ 4. December: manufacturer Hachez recalls Christmas cakes due to mould risk +++

The Bremen-based chocolate and pastry manufacturer Hachez Chocolade GmbH & co. KG will call back due to the isolated mould fungus risk nationwide, parts of his Christmas gebäckes. Specifically, it is the article “fondant star”, a kind of sugar star. Caution: affects all batches (413150, 414036, 406499) and all of the minimum shelf-life data.

The company strongly advises against the consumption. The resulting damage will be replaced by the company quickly and easily, if you have a photo of the packaging (including Batch) and the personal address to “[email protected]” sends. Alternatively, the product can be opened as unopened, Post it to the Bremer Hachez Chocolade GmbH & co. KG, West-straße 32, d-28199 Bremen are sent, the purchase price will be recovered.

+++ 4. December: fire hazard: Gardena returns to Europe-wide mower +++

The garden equipment manufacturer Gardena recalls lawn mower, which may cause a short circuit. The battery lawn mower PowerMax Li-40/37 (art. 5038) and Li-40/41 (art. 5041), as the company announced on Tuesday in Ulm, Germany. Fire was danger.

consumers should not use the devices and remove the battery, it said. Sold devices would be revised by the company. For this, the patient should contact the service center of the company. The products were sold from January 2017 to November 2018 in several European countries in the construction and home improvement markets, as well as in garden centers and Online stores.

+++ 4. December: Penny chocolate because undeklariertem content from the manufacturer called back +++

The confectionery manufacturer Nawarra confectionery GmbH calls his discounters-chocolate “San Fabio amarena cherries in dark chocolate”. This chocolate may contain undeclared Hazelnut components. This can be especially dangerous for people with allergies, which consume the chocolate in good Faith.

It is the 150-gram pack with EAN-Code 28278320. Is distributed the chocolate to the Discounter Penny. The company advises Allergy sufferers urgently from human consumption.

+++ 30. November: plastic parts found: Edeka calls chocolate-gingerbread back +++

Edeka recalls chocolate gingerbread, in which plastic particles could get stuck. It was the article, “chocolate gingerbread, hearts, stars and pretzels dark chocolate” in the 500-gram package, exclusively with the date of minimum durability of 30. May 2019, and the batch number with the digits 748 in the center, told the trade group on Thursday.


pack of the recalled gingerbread


The manufacturer Lambertz could not rule out the possibility that dark green plastic parts in individual packages.

The article had mainly been in the market of buying and Edeka offered; the goods had already been, as a precautionary measure withdrawn from sale, the company said. Those who have bought the gingerbread, get reimbursed without submission of the receipt for the purchase price.

+++ 28. November: French raw milk cheese due to Salmonella suspicion back +++

The raw milk cheese “Reblochon de Savoie” in the French manufacturer, Fromagerie La tournette was created by the company called back. A consumption is strongly discouraged, as in the case of a Batch of Salmonella. It is the 450-gram pack with the minimum shelf-life data, 25.11.2018 and 01.12.2018 and batch number FR 74-128-050 EC.

After consumption of the cheese have suffered, according to the French Ministry of agriculture in some people, Salmonella poisoning. The cheese is sold in many States.

So you can detect a Salmonella poisoning: Slight fever, Nausea, abdominal pain or headache, fatigue, cramps are one of the classic symptoms of a Salmonella infection. Also typical is sudden onset of vomiting and watery to bloody diarrhea. In the case of suspected Salmonella poisoning, you should consult a doctor.

+++ 27. January: Ikea is calling back tables, because glass can fall out plates +++

callback at Ikea: The furniture retailer calls back an extendable table, because the plates can fall out of frosted glass. “Ikea is asking all customers who have not purchased a Glivarp extendable table in White color with frosted glass to use them and contact Ikea”, the company said on Tuesday in Hofheim-Wallau. Customers have reported that one of the pull-out have solved plates of the rails, and down fell. The purchase price will be refunded in full, no proof of purchase was necessary.

+++ 22. November: power driving-the Federal office warns of children The power driving seats of various brands +++

-Bundesamt (KBA) has identified several child seats in the German trade, which comply with the current regulations. The child seats of the manufacturer, the “Jiangsu Best Baby Carseat” of type “LB-363” and “BBC-Q5” could result in accidents to an increase in the risk of injury, the office. It is not recommended to use the appropriate seats. Because the manufacturer sells the product under multiple names is not quite easy. All the affected children seats wear, the label “E1 04301313” or “E1 04301371” and are sold under the following factory – and brand names:

Fullscreen ©kba.de

On the page of the KBA, you will also find the children’s illustrations of the seats, on the basis of which these can be identified.

+++ 20. November: the manufacturer of the Original stock point to return calls Lederhosen +++

The Bavarian manufacturer’s Original stock point to return calls Lederhosen, which are loaded with the skin of hazardous chromium VI. The light brown men’s leather pants are nationwide, the retail chain Kaufhof sold, the company said on Tuesday in the lower Bavarian Moosthenning. It’s health was in danger.

leather, which had been processed on the Inner collar and the inner reinforcement of the button bar on the leg that was heavily contaminated with chromium VI, as allowed. The substance can penetrate, according to information from the Bavarian state office for health in the skin. The manufacturer warns that chromium VI could have prolonged contact with the skin “a sensitizing and allergenic effect, which can lead to allergic skin reactions”. Customers could send affected Lederhosen to the company and received a new one.

+++ 19. November: recall of E. coli contaminated raw milk cheese +++

Due to a contamination with toxin-forming bacteria (Escherichia coli) returns to the French company Ferme Chapuis its raw milk cheese “Perle de COMPOSTELLE”. The Product was sold, according to a press release on “lebensmittelwarnung.de” at the fresh food counters of Rewe Dortmund, as well as in the purchase of Park-branches in NRW. Are affected, therefore, the packages with the date of minimum durability 16.11.2018 and the identification mark FR 43.020.002 CE.

consumers who have purchased the product should refrain from consumption and returned the cheese in the respective shop. The so-called E. coli bacteria can cause within a few days, feverish intestinal disorders that can also manifest with bleeding. In particular, children risk suffering severe kidney complications.


recording of the WSRuf is concerned, cheese produced in the company Ferme Chapuis


source: “www.lebensmittelwarnung.de”

+++ 12. November: the manufacturer calls back to Aldi Nord sold nougat tree trunk +++ Fullscreen

The callback at Aldi Nord affected nougat-tree trunk

©Screenshot of Aldi Nord

Because, due to a production error, it cannot be excluded that, among other things, in the case of Aldi Nord displaced BelRoyal nougat-tree trunk (100 grams; grade: cream-nougat tree-trunk) Marzipan contains calls the manufacturer, the SIP Werder OHG, the product to the public. Are affected, therefore, products with the date of minimum durability 31.05.2019 and the lot number L0033. Other varieties, expiry dates and batch numbers of the article are not affected, it is called.

In the case of people with an almond Allergy, the product could cause an allergic reaction, writes of the discounters on its Homepage. Customers can bring the candy in the stores, and get the purchase price refunded. Aldi Nord also stated that they had taken the product from sale. Berry has sold the nougat tree trunk, therefore, only in the Aldi companies in Bargteheide, Germany, Beucha, dates, large, Herten, Hesel, Jarmen, Lingen, Meitzendorf, in the middle of the forest, Hann. Lead, Radevormwald, Germany, Salzgitter, Seevetal, Seefeld, Weimar and Wilsdruff.

+++ 8. November: dm calls back the popular coconut bar +++

The drugstore chain dm has the product “dmBio coconut bar dark chocolate 40 g” with the date of minimum durability 17. April 2019 recalled. It is not excluded that in the bars of the stainless steel bristles of a cleaning brush, the company said on Wednesday in Karlsruhe.

The packs are unopened or broken in the dm-markets. Customers will receive the purchase price refunded.

+++ 6. November: germ-risk for mouth rinsing – the big callback start +++

In the mouth of water “Elina med Anti-Plaque mouth rinse Fresh” of the company Jean Products-ADJUST GmbH dangerous hospital were found germs. The article was nationwide sold to various Large-scale, Online, and retailers.

“The number of micro organisms/germs is high,” writes the company in a statement. Specifically, a dangerous bacterium (Pseudomonas aeruginosa) has been demonstrated. This widespread infection of the wound germ-mountains skin at an increased risk of infection, especially for lesions in the skin and mucous membranes. From the recall Batch “710001” (500-Milliliter pack is affected accordingly. If you have purchased such a product, they should use it. Customers who have used the mouthwash, they should consult a doctor.

+++ 6. November: Aldi recalls “Kings Crown”-asparagus in glass +++

The discount chain Aldi recalls asparagus in the glass. There might be splinters in the glass. The 314ml jars with the date of minimum durability 30.06.2024 and on the lid edge of the printed batch number L0161320180528 3700/01090, are affected, the company said on Monday. They come from the manufacturer “Kings Crown” and were sold at Aldi Nord – in October (even as an action item) only in the regions Beucha, Beverstedt, Greiz, Jarmen, Bad Laasphe, Lead, and Lingen. Already purchased items can also be returned without a receipt in the Aldi stores,

+++ 30. October: Italian frozen pizza from Rewe back

called + + + in Rewe markets, selling frozen pizzas in the brand, “Gustavo Gusto” could potentially be sharp-edged plastic parts contaminated. The company Franco Fresco called on Monday, the Pizza “Gustavo Gusto I like Pizza Prosciutto” with the date of minimum durability 13. May 2019.

Rewe markets in Bavaria, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate were Affected. The products had already been from the sale. Due to a production error, it is not excluded that on these pizzas in individual cases, sharp-edged, transparent plastic parts,” the company said. The consumption will therefore not recommended strongly. Customers could return the frozen pizza and received back your money. Of this precautionary measure, no more Gustavo Gusto pizzas as well as other minimum stability data of the above product are affected. The company apologizes in addition, in the case of the customer.

sources: Rossmann, Rewe, Bayer, Aldi Nord, Ikea, Netto, Aldi South,

ROA/mod/sve/jek/wlk / DPA


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