In Moscow, don’t buy it as just a new apartment. Today, an interested buyer needs a certificate, that he had no mental illness. This is due to the fact that there are too many crazy Russians – the sellers want to hedge against a possible fraud.

Surging real estate market report “Am not to explode the house on the sealer” – on-the-go with a real estate agent By Daniel Bakir

economic crisis – the real estate market in the Russian capital. Every year, apartments and houses in a value of 29 billion US sold dollars. And this business want to cut off scammers as large a wheel, reported the New York Times. The lawless Yeltsin years are over for a long time, on issues such as fraud in the Russian judicial system is still far behind the requirements of the modern time – as illegal agents have a free Hand.

take advantage of a peculiarity of the judiciary. The courts follow a Soviet Tradition: it is to prevent primarily, that the auxiliary be loose and Old homeless. Before the court is sufficient, a heart-rendering to present the end of history and to claim that the seller had not been in the Moment of purchase, sane or drunk. Therefore, it is not needed when buying an apartment only a certificate of mental health, often at the signing of the contract a nurse to be present, which measures the alcohol level of the Participants.

rescission of the sale

The classic of the fraud goes like this: The brokers work together with the owners of an apartment. They offer real estate, find a buyer. After the purchase, related to diving, the claim that grandma had in mind, and would not be able to sell the apartment. You make the contract void and keep the apartment.

nasty mesh when the house Chopped by Mail with the purchase of a notary – so scammers direct the money for the new house Of Gernot Kramper

The bruised, buyers can now try to get on the court get your money back, but this can take time. And at the end of a winning process, does not necessarily mean that the money turns up.

the Drama of the Co-investors

is Still in widespread fraud, with homes under construction, writes “the NYT”. First, buyers are offered big discounts when you the apartments are under write – to finish though. Also, you are not just a buyer, you the Status of Co-investors, including builders,. This legal structure can save costs, but primarily to circumvent the laws for the protection of buyers. The company has collected enough money from the customer, you – as planned from the beginning – in the bankruptcy. The funds of the buyers are gone.

Valery Ryabkov is a Co-Investor. He has sold his old apartment, the money has been invested in a fraudulent project. He said the Portal “Meduza”: “We have lost all hope. We were in the Kremlin. We went to the mayor. Nothing …. No one can force the Builder to finish the construction of the house – the Builder is bankrupt. … We have won seven lawsuits, and we are officially registered as the deceived Co-investors. And nothing’s going to happen.”

apartment owners drowned

These and similar Tricks are known from many countries, add to that the brutality of the Russian mobsters. In the autumn of 2018, a group of real estate brokers flew on. They had a beautiful home. It was quiet, had few neighbors and was on the water. This retreat served a single purpose. The agents were looking for the old or the sick of Moscow, who wanted to sell their apartments and in special senior settlements outside the city wanted to move. The purchase price for the Moscow real estate has been transferred to a trust account.

Ownerless real estate house owners for zero euros – not a Problem in Germany By Gernot Kramper

Formally perfectly correct, only that the Gangster actually had access to the account. To celebrate the transaction, were invited to the old people in the lake residence. There they were murdered and then the bodies in the lake sunk. The retirement community that they believed to have shopped, did not exist, of course. “I waited about ten minutes, and when there was no sign of life, I went,” said the leader of the group in a confession Video for the police.

The Russian television reported a further case. This second broker-gang was looking for alone-standing alcoholics who owned a property. They kidnapped the Unfortunate and the flats as collateral. Then, they moved their victims to a remote Farm, where they had to work as forced labourers toil. 30 people were rescued by the police.


Meduza “Worn to the bone and left alone ‘Defrauded co-investors’ are one of Russia’s biggest protest movements, but that hasn’t helped”

“The New York Times” “Selling Real Estate in Russia? Are You Crazy?”

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