Pushkov commented on the teachings of US simulated nuclear attack on Russia

Photo credit: TASS/Sergei Fadeichev

the Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov commented on the message of the Pentagon that the United States conducted a “small” exercises in case of nuclear attack on Europe by Russia.

“What to believe: the promises of the United States to place nuclear missiles in Europe or simulate a nuclear strike on Russia during the exercise, U.S. Department of defense, which suggests the presence of such missiles on the continent? You should not believe the assurances and the military plans of the Pentagon. Simulation of shock – guided”, – Pushkov wrote on Twitter.

As we learned earlier, the United States conducted the exercises, which simulated nuclear attack on Russia. The Pentagon said that training was completed for testing of retaliatory attacks in the case if Moscow decides to hit Europe.

they added that in such a situation, it interferes with the defense Minister and the President of the country who make a decision about a retaliatory strike.

the Military expert described a possible reason of approaching of humanity to a nuclear Holocaust. One such expert called the increase trump the grounds for the use of nuclear weapons, half of which is the basis of the first strike.

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