Put the baby behind the wheel drunk woman was driving without a license

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

the Woman renting the car car-share, was deprived of driving license for drunk driving. This was announced by the traffic police in the capital on Twitter.

it is Noted that the controls being tested in relation to the actions of the citizen. In case of fault it will be brought to justice.

“At the moment it is established that the citizen is deprived of the driving license for driving a vehicle in drunken state”, – stated in the message.

the Number of channels earlier showed the story about how the inhabitant of the Moscow region have consumed alcohol and put him behind the wheel of a car-share infant son.

At the same time in the backseat was another child. The investigative Committee of the Naro-FOMINSKOGO urban County also started the test.

In the suburbs drunk mother planted behind the wheel of a little son

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