Putin said that the idea of free meals for primary classes is not supported from

Photos: Moscow 24/Lidiya Shironina

Vladimir Putin said that the initiative to free hot meals for primary school students at first did not approve. The stills after the meeting of the working group of the conversation showed in the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” on TV channel “Russia-1”.

“not easy. Everyone was against,” said the President.

February 15, during the message to Federal meeting the head of state offered to provide free hot meals to all primary school students. Sergei Sobyanin recalled that Moscow in primary schools it is already available.

on 13 February the state Duma in the second reading approved the draft law on free hot meals for pupils. In January, the Deputy of the state Duma Vasily Vlasov also took the initiative to provide free meals for students. Now in some universities you can get it proving difficult financial position or involvement in socially vulnerable citizens.

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