Good news for non-executives. According to a barometer of the group Randstad published on Wednesday, their average salary has increased from 1.8 % in the first half. A year ago, the increase was only 0.9 %. A growth made possible by the growth, but also the shortage in some sectors such as CONSTRUCTION. Result ? The average pay of a non-part was thus 1 607 eur gross in 2018, compared to 1 579 euros a year ago, or 7.2% above the minimum wage (smic). For the first time since 2014, the rise in wages of non-executives is greater than that of the smic (+ 1,2 %), while the two were hitherto strictly correlated.

The wages of technicians and associate professionals recorded the largest increase (+ 3.6% 1 845 euros). Unskilled workers, who have the level of salary lowest average of 1 575 euros, registering the second highest increase (+ 1.9 per cent). The skilled workers are located in standard (+ 1.8% to 1 628 euros), while the employees are the ones who benefit the least from the rising trend (+ 1.4% to 1 588 euros).

wages have also increased in different ways according to sectors : 2.2% in industry 1 612 euros, 1.5% in the construction 1 616 euros and 1.4 % in services 1 577 euros. This study is based on the analysis of more than 1.4 million payslips of employed people in the first half of 2018, as interim and paid at the same level as an employee, as provided for in the act.

According to the latest “Snapshot of the labour market” published by Insee in April, France was the leader in 2017, approximately $ 19.8 million of non-management employees, or 80,1 % of the working population in paid employment. This includes 5.6 million workers (skilled and unskilled), 7.3 million employees and $ 6.9 million of intermediate occupations. The executives ‘ salaries have increased by 2.7% in the first half of 2018, the biggest increase in six years, according to a different barometer Randstad published at the beginning of September.

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