A Berlin entrepreneur disrupts so much on the name of Apple’s messaging App iMessage, that he complains in front of the regional court of Braunschweig against the US group. As the MIRROR reported in its latest issue that he wants to get the company that Apple’s service is not to be confused with the own. (Click here to read the whole story.)

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The plaintiff, Dietmar Gollnick, chief of the radio network operated by e*message, which is represented since 2000 on the market. Apple, the most valuable group of the previous exchange history, was the product of iMessage in 2011. The service iMessage is used, such as e*message to Send messages, even if the technology behind it is another.

Pager, or Messenger

Golnicks company e*message provides a so-called pager services. Pagers are the message receivers, the use of such rescue services, hospitals, energy providers, to alert in emergency situations, your staff. Baden-württemberg’s schools Gollnicks use runs services for the notification of teachers at amok, hundreds of fire departments from Rostock to the fire Department from Porsche to conduct their forces by e*Message.

iMessage is, however, especially in the retail market and is one of the most popular Services of Apple, every second will be sent about the world an estimated 200,000 messages. It works similar to a text message, but the message will be transmitted over the Internet and is encrypted, if the recipient has iMessage used.

A judgment in the dispute is expected in November. The regional court of Braunschweig indicated that it could follow the arguments against Apple. Apple stated that they come from animals, “in principle, no open process”. The court should prohibit the group from using the word iMessage how to so far, is likely to pull the trillion-heavy iPhone manufacturer before the Federal court of justice. But Gollnick is determined to be the thing to carry out.

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