Reinhard Heydrich: as the eliminated chief executioner of the Third Reich

History 07/03/20 Reinhard Heydrich: as the eliminated chief executioner of the Third Reich

Today, Reinhard Heydrich referred to as the chief executioner of the Third Reich. That Heydrich made an enormous contribution not only to the policy of extermination of the Jews, he personally fought against internal enemies of the Nazi regime. However, the successful career of SS-obergruppenführer was short-lived. In the summer of 1942 in Prague, he was assassinated.

Who is Reinhard Heydrich?

In the 1920-ies, Reinhard Heydrich was in the Navy. Not to say that the career of Heydrich was unsuccessful. Especially in order to reach high positions, he was almost ready for anything. However, the future SS still made one mistake: he entered into a relationship with two women. The fact of misconduct was discovered, and Heydrich was dismissed. However, he did not panic and after a few months joined the national socialist party and the SS.

the Promotion of Heydrich’s career contributed to the Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler. Heydrich was able to interest Himmler their proposals for the creation of a system of intelligence. Since then, Reinhard began to search for and eliminate enemies of Hitler, among which were very high-ranking Germans. Handrich was also one of the main “instigators” of the Holocaust.

Death after the assassination attempt

after 2 years after German troops occupied Czechoslovakia, Reinhard Heydrich took the post of Reich-protector of Bohemia and Moravia. There Heydrich continued to interrupt his work. He was identified unreliable elements, shut the synagogue, opened the concentration camp. At the same time he tried to “cajole” working in munitions factories, the Czechs, good food, increase of salaries and all sorts of entertainment. So Heydrich especially wasn’t afraid of anything. Even in the day of the assassination he was driving in the suburbs of Prague in an open car. He was accompanied by only the driver.

About half past ten in the morning of 1942, another man took from his pocket a gun and pointed it at Heydrich. However, the weapon misfired. Obergruppenfuhrer, of course, noticed his would-be assassin and told the driver to slow down. Heydrich also took out a gun and took aim, but his weapon didn’t work. At this time, the second participant in the assassination threw into the car a grenade. But that exploded next to the car. Heydrich received a fracture of the ribs and a wound to the spleen. The two accomplices managed to escape. And Reinhard Heydrich, despite the ease of the injuries on June 4 died, presumably from sepsis.

the Operation “Anthropoid” and its consequences

the Liquidators of one of the main executioners of the Third Reich became the Czech paratroopers Jozef Gabcik and Jan Kubis. The operation, codenamed “Anthropoid” was prepared by the national Committee for liberation of Czechoslovakia and the British secret service. After the perpetrators of the assassination managed to escape, the Germans immediately rushed in their Wake. The retribution was terrible. So in the history of the Czech Republic will forever remain a tragedy that was a result of the violent searches of Gabcik and Kubis. The Nazis reported that some organizers of the assassination of Heydrich may be located in the village of Lidice. The total of all of its adult inhabitants were destroyed, and their houses burned.

meanwhile, Joseph Gabcik and Jan Kubis, together with his companions was hiding in the Prague Cathedral of Cyril and Methodius. There they found the Germans. Realizing that there is no escape, skydivers decided to commit suicide. Don’t have time to do only, ján kubiš, who was seriously wounded. He died a little later from blood loss.

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