North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un moves according to media reports, with the train of his second summit meeting with US President Donald Trump next week in Vietnam.

On Saturday evening (local time) took a train from North Korea in Dandong, the border with China, before security forces blocked the streets around the train station of the city, as the South Korean news Agency Yonhap reports, citing informants. It will be assumed that Kim seats. The Russian news Agency Tass had previously reported, citing a North Korean diplomat, Kim had begun in Pyongyang, the 4500 km long journey to Hanoi by train.

First of all, there was no confirmation from North Korea for departure. The rulers had made his first official trip abroad, which took him in March of last year, according to China, also with the train. It was a bullet-proof armored special train, as it used to be at the end of December 2011, the deceased father of Kim Jong-Il during his reign, traveling to China and Russia. That Kim Jong-Un was in China, was later confirmed officially.

Kim hits Trump on Wednesday in the Vietnamese capital. The focus steps for nuclear disarmament of North Korea and the possible benefits of Washington. At their first summit last June in Singapore, Kim had declared its willingness in principle to a “complete denuclearization”. But there were no concrete Commitments until what time is the North Korea of its nuclear weapons Arsenal wants to disarm. Trumps goal is to convince North Korea to complete nuclear disarmament.



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