His appearance in Davos at the end of January caused a mass of reactions, especially in the social media: The Dutch historian and author Rutger Bregman urged at the world economic forum in Switzerland, more taxes for the Rich and a stronger fight against tax havens and tax evasion and received a lot of applause. The arch-conservative favorite station by US President Donald Trump, “Fox News”, invited Bregman then for the past week to an Interview with the star presenter Tucker Carlson. The delivery however is completely different, as Carlson had in mind – so different, that “Fox News” published the Interview.

Bregman accuses Carlson, “was bought”

First, the conversation is loose and relaxed. Bregman, again, his plea repeated for a higher taxation of the Rich. But then the author of the bestselling book “utopias for realists,” Carlson and the station criticized: The vast majority of Americans, according to surveys for years for a higher taxation of the Rich, but no one in Davos say that, just as there is nobody to say to “Fox News” stated Bregman and delivered his explanation: “most of The people in Davos, but also here on this channel, have been bought by the billionaire class. You these things that ye ought to say.”

And in terms of the family of the Australian publisher Rupert Murdoch, to which the transmitter belongs to, added Bregman: “What the Murdochs expect, basically, from you, is to make immigrants the scapegoats, instead of talking about tax evasion.”

The now noticeably pissed-off Carlson wants to know from his interview guest, if he receive according to his view of the instructions from Murdoch. “No, that doesn’t work,” says Bregman. But Carlson was for many years a member of the libertarian think tank Cato Institute, which is co-financed by the right-wing populist camp active billionaires Charles and David Koch. “You have taken your dirty money,” said Bregman. “You are a millionaire, financed by billionaires.” Carlson was not part of the solution, but part of the problem.

Carlson loses completely replaced by the text in

The “Fox”-a Moderator comes in to the Interview with hardly a word, but in the end, he gets all crazy: “Why don’t you go fuck yourself, you tiny brain”, bepöbelt he Bregman. “You’re an Idiot. I’ve tried to make your voice heard, but you were too damn annoying.”

Bregman remains in spite of the insults calmly, and responds with a grin: “You can’t handle the criticism, don’t you?”.

Interview to New Work-a pioneer Rutger Bregman Why the unconditional basic income is much more realistic than most people think

In the course of the dispute with Carlson, Bregman expressed doubts that “Fox News” will broadcast the Interview at all. And he was right. The transmitter is not published the recordings. “Good Morning, Tucker Carlson” wrote Bregman on Twitter. “Why didn’t they broadcast the Interview with me yesterday evening? Couldn’t you deal with the criticism? I think you should show it. And try to resist the temptation to edit it, I recorded the Whole thing – to curse the Moment in which you begin, thoroughly.”

Bregman launched a mobile phone video of the interview finally to the US media website “NowThis”, which it published in social media. Only Bregman see, Carlson’s voice is clearly audible.

After the Interview resulted in more and more vortices and also by other media was picked up, turned Carlson to the Public: You have invited Bregman to the conversation, to congratulate him on his appearance in Davos, said “the Fox”-presenter in a Video he posted on his Twitter channel. The conversation was going well, but then the Dutch have ascribed to him, his corporate bosses would have him pretend to what he has to say in the Show. This was too much. Because then he would have started to rant and it was a “perfectly correct”, but on television, not allowed, have to can the Interview, unfortunately, no longer emitting.

Bregman said on Twitter: He had published the Interview, because he believe that “we should continue to talk about the corrupting influence of money in politics”. It showed “how angry are elites, when you do that.”

And on Thursday afternoon, the historian, afterwards, sent via Twitter are still a small tip. Wrote a photo that shows how Rupert Murdoch spent lying on a chair Bregmans book “utopias for realists,” reads, in the low countries: Maybe Rupert could give his copy of my book, now Tucker, I’m sure he will love it too.”


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