“Restless Bodies” is an exhibition that will be shown at the photography Festival Les Rencontres d’Arles. The “restless body” is dedicated to the GDR-photography of the eighties – a photograph that has been registered internationally hardly. “The decade before the fall of the wall is very important for the art in Germany, because there was a new Generation who had not witnessed the founding of the GDR,” says Sonia Voss, the curator of the exhibition. “The political ideas have meant a lot to you, but nevertheless, they were tired and were angry at the constraints under which they lived. That was probably the reason why they were in contrast to previous generations, more likely against the rules and the boundaries moved.”

disapproval from the state

The body is advanced in the case of these artists as a subversive act in the centre. It was an expression of individuality, which was approved by the state and its petty socialism miss. The photographs show families, Punks, or workers. The result is an impressive document of life in the GDR, far beyond the representations of state Propaganda.

The exhibition is still on until 22. To see September 2019.

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