The Madonna Inn is more than a just a Stop over on the famous Highway One, the winds in California from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara and Monterey to San Francisco along the Pacific coast.

Behind Pismo Beach, the road takes a detour away from the sea, because there are several mountains and two reactor blocks of the nuclear power plant Diablo Canyon detour must be. As Highway 101, the trail passes through the town of San Luis Obispo.

avant-garde in the desert of California, Palm Springs: enjoy Where the Stars and architects Of Till Bartels

To the left, a castle-like entrance gate noticeable, which makes one involuntarily on the brake pedal: It is the access to the wildest Motel in the state: the Madonna Inn, an Institution since the end of the 1950 years. Even if you don’t, you need to dismount, or would like to, you should at least insert in the Restaurant a break and from the toilet. But more on this later.

Madonna Inn, the pink palace,

guests are overwhelmed by this style Mish-mash, a nightmare in Pink. Who is liable to the Hotel with the disney interior of a snow would like to spend the night Wittchen coffin, has the agony of choice between 110 different rooms.

The Name has nothing Religious, no connection to the eponymous singer, but reminiscent of the founder of this site. “The most Descend to offer to the guests as little as possible and demand a high price,” said Alex Madonna, who founded the Hotel in 1958. “We want exactly the opposite and offer our guests a desolate environment, like you find in most Motels on the beach edge.”

In the caves of the APE planet Mongo

No office of a well-known interior architects has designed the house with his additions, but some of the rooms are the results of spontaneous creations. The rooms are “Cave Man” was created in only six hours on a Saturday afternoon. “We have not done according to Plan, but simply from a sense of” so Alex Madonna.

For certain apartments, there are months-long waiting times. Especially for wedding couples, the Inn is popular. The building you can tell the age in some corners now. But man goes on a journey in time, back in the 50s and 60s.

one should Not miss the aisle to the men’s room in the basement, in which are also some of the lady casts a glance. The Laundry room acts mussels with his giant, used a sink as a hand, like a cave. “The urinal is a Rock-hewn fireplace, but if the urine stream (sorry, but you have to explain) touches the ground, entquillt the walls of the smoke-flap of water and shoots in cascades down,” writes Umberto Eco. “Like the flush in the caves of the APE planet Mongo.”

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