It is an annual Tradition In September Apple introduces the new iPhone – and in the months before, Fans are eagerly awaiting the device. Every Detail of the rumor mill is diligently discussed, each photo of a component makes headlines. But this year is different. The hottest rumors of the upcoming iPhone model. But by 2024.

This could also be due to the fact that the rumors of the upcoming iPhone be relatively boring. While Apple revamped the earlier of every two years, the Design will now serve for the third Time, the Look of the iPhone X. Only the four-sided Triple-camera on the back is to take it off visually. The third point-and-Shoot will allow for angle-shooting. Of course the iPhone is faster. For Apple sweeps but probably the 3D Touch.

iPhone rumors, It’s official: this is the day the new iPhone By Malte mansholt came

Overall, a manageable Update. No wonder, then, that the most hot-debated question is out of date, as Apple will call the devices. In addition to iPhone 11, iPhone Pro, iPhone XI or just iPhone (2019) are in the conversation.

Before the show

The rumors for the successor in the next year are not equal exciting. Several credible sources suggest that Apple should eliminate the bar (“Notch”) at the top, by fitting a smaller front-facing camera, which also brings the Sensors for Face ID below. In addition, the fingerprint Sensor has to come back under the whole of the Display installed.

The support for 5G networks, an AC-to-USB-C and a completely redesigned camera with Laser support and 3D images complete the deal. Since the 2019er iPhone is already outdated before it was presented.

market development The crisis of the (luxury)-Smartphones By Malte Mansholt Who will wait?

Apple might not like this development more. So far, no group had benefited so much from world to generate by the constant rotations of the rumors a Hype for its products, without paying a Cent for it. Many other companies try for a long time, to copy the. “Accidental” disclosure of Smartphone Parts are now part of the industries-ABC – including absurd antics. In the last year, complete Reviews to a Google Smartphone have appeared, for example, more than three months before it was even officially unveiled.

the effect of The Hype machine could not but flip quickly, if it increases the interest in the next model, but for the successor. Why should you expect to finally get excited, the iPhone 11, when the next model will be so much better?

The market is saturated

For Apple, this effect comes at a bad time. The Smartphone market is becoming saturated but safe, especially in the luxury area krieselt. Since Apple is limited still largely on this sector, a fall in sales. The makes itself felt: In the European market, Apple’s market share fell in the last quarter from 17 to 14 percent, according to analysts from Canalys. Samsung has been able to crack, however, with cheap devices for the first time in years, the 40-percent mark.

An important reason for the reluctance: Because the technical leaps between the generations in comparison to the Smartphone-have become the beginning of time is noticeably smaller, the devices no longer in use. To treat, instead of every or every two years, a new device to hit the customers only rarely. The Hype of a new model is relevant as a purchase incentive, are less and less.

first-quarter figures for Apple and the iPhone: Tim Cook rips and tears the rudder From the painted Mans

get the impact of How to pay by this development, Apple’s sales, will need to show. The group has already started a while ago, to make his strategy less iPhone dependent. The number of customers who always want the latest model, is expected to decline in the next few years, even more. Who comes of an older model, but perhaps not so much for what the iPhone from next year can. In comparison to a two-to-three-year-old device, the new features of the iPhone 11 are still quite large.

sources: Apple, Canalys (via 9to5mac)

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