It’s easy: You create an Account, pay a monthly fee and you can already stream tons of movies and series and download. But what sounds like a normal Streaming service à la Netflix or Amazon Prime Video was actually an illegal clone. “Jetflicks” offered a similar user experience as the legal competitors, but with pirated copies. Now the handcuffs clicked with the operators.

Eight people are accused of having two of the largest illegitimate Streaming platforms in the United States. The offer alone is to follow in the case of Jetflicks on the peak with 115.849 series and 10.511 films is significantly greater than that of Amazon or Netflix have been, the Prosecutor’s office. The big hook: The operators had for not only the content of a license.

Kickass Torrents, pirated copies-the king is in focus – just because he bought a Song on iTunes By Malte Mans offer, such as the legal platforms

Holt Instead, they loaded on all platforms for pirated copies down, Packed it on the own Server and collected a subscription fee. The operators were up to date. “Some of the series were offered to the subscribers on the day after the broadcast,” says the indictment. Cheaper than the legal services that was not: Jetflicks cost about 10 dollars, the second platform at a cost of even 20 euros per month, but offered discounts for long term subscriptions. Jetflicks is now switched off, because the second platform is currently online, we waive the naming of the Name.

The presentation oriented to the well-known Streaming services. They offered support for a wide range of devices and operating systems, the Look and operation of the home is also reminiscent of the legal platforms. Of the numerous, often dubious advertising banners of other illicit deals there was no trace. Many customers may not even have been aware that it was pirated. The offer actually exclusive content and part of current movies, but there should be alarm bells ringing.

New video game “The Witcher 3” such As the lack of Breasts against piracy brings to protect a painted Mans Now threaten long sentences

During the investigation to the FBI, all eight defendants Jetflicks operated to have only accused one of them, to have the still active competitors on the net. Him and the main accused is placed by the side of conspiracy for the distribution of copy-protected materials is also money laundering to the load.

None of the all in Las Vegas-resident defendant is in detention, reports the Washington Post. However, high penalties for you according to the paper. While the co-defendants must be expected due to the dissemination of the contents with imprisonment of up to five years, could the money-laundering allegations, the main accused according to the “Post” several decades behind bars. Whether the investigators also want to take action against the users, is not known.

sources: US Department of justice, the Washington Post, Ars Technica

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