“the age of 66, because the life begins”, once sang Udo Jürgens. In a statement, the Roland Kaiser would probably sign it. Because the time of the blow singer, celebrated in the early 80s with “Santa Maria” or “make Love to me one last Time,” his greatest Hits, seemed to be long gone. But now, in an age, as others retire, on the Münster-based artist.

only last Friday published new Album “All or You” went straight to number two in the German Charts. Only once in his career, Kaiser has reached a better placement in 1981, his Studio album, “to love You” at the top of the Charts. Its also last week released a Hit Compilation climbed to simultaneously place six of the charts – thus, the 66-Year-old with two plates in the Top Ten.

that is not enough: The MDR showed on Friday night in Prime time was a recording of the Release-concert in Berlin – in which the Entertainer guest stars such as Barbara schöneberger was supported. Already last Saturday, the ARD festival honored the singer with the big Saturday night show, “All singing the Emperor – The great Blow” – and caught up at least to 4.30 million viewers.

Roland Kaiser fills the halls and arenas

Even the Youtube Generation has taken the hits-grandpa: in 2014, together with Maite Kelly recorded the Song “Why didn’t you say no” has cracked on the Video platform, the limit of 100 million Retrieve. In Germany, Helene Fischer is playing in a similar League.

there’s No question that The crowd in front of televisions, computers and CD players, Roland Kaiser. He manages to entice the viewers of the Sofas. For months, the münster is touring the country and filling halls and arenas. An end is not in sight: by the end of 2024, the appointments are planned in advance – the Fans just don’t seem enough to get from the temporarily almost forgotten singer, who is in the retirement age successfully like never before.

But it is not the Udo Jürgens knew, as he sang: “66.”

Interview, Roland Kaiser, From the foundling to the beat of the star: “I am my foster mother deeply grateful”

He sings from November on his Arena Tour in front of tens of thousands of people: Roland Kaiser is one of the great beat legends of Germany. But the 66-Year-old was not always on the Sunny side of life. A conversation about his Childhood, Hits and morning calls of Maite Kelly.

From Jens Maier che


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