For many Fans was the announcement of a nice Surprise: Dieter Bohlen goes on tour again. After 16 years, the producer is venturing again in front of an audience. Because the 10,000 tickets for his Comeback Show on may 31. August were sold out in Berlin in the shortest possible time, said the singer via Instagram six additional concerts. “It is a giant Omani, fun, Dieter-Bohlen-35 years in the music business thing,” promised the American idol judge.

What awaits the Fans there, the Moscow concert gave us a taste. Bohlen joined on the 14. March in the Russian capital. In the 7500-seat Crocus City Hall, he gave a medley of the greatest Hits of Modern Talking, Blue System, and American idol.

Dieter Bohlen snuggles with the Teddy Instagram and Why the most beautiful mission in the network of Dieter Bohlen comes From Carsten Heidböhmer

in Spite of his 65 years no age Bohlen showed symptoms. Bounced excited on the stage and looked in blue Jeans and a leather jacket like a 40-Year-old. In the meantime, he animated the choirs viewers to “Dieter Bohlen”-hands, snuggled with a Teddy bear and told the Fans that he is even half-Russian after all, his grandma and his mother is from Kaliningrad would be.

The mood was generally omitted. The song came mostly from the Band, Bohlen own voting must be referred to power, however, politely referred to as “modest”, disturbed the audience. That Dieter Bohlen anbettelte at the end but his Fans to follow him on Instagram, was then but badly embarrassed. “Every day I’m doing a Story. I’ll take you with me in my holidays. You will learn to Carina. My family, my cars, my house, my tears, everything,” boasted of in Tötensen live musicians.


‘t Forget me, “tonight you’re on Instagram,” he ordered to his followers. Then it was embarrassing: “I hope you will never forget me. Don’t forget me!” he pleaded in broken English. “Because Dieter is very very sad when I forget about me.”

at the Very end, after the last encore was played, reminded Planks of his Fans one last Time. “You’re all my Followers, Yes?” The begging has paid off, apparently: The musician 1.1 million Fans now follow more on Instagram.

Here you can watch the complete concert

tour dates:

28. September: Leipzig
4. October: Hamburg
5. October Mannheim
2. November: Berlin
16. November: Dortmund
7. December: Munich, Germany



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