Roskoshestvo compared wine in cardboard packaging and bottles

Photo: depositphotos/Sonar

Wine in cartons in the Russian stores is the cheapest and least tasty drink. To such conclusion experts of Roskoshestvo.

They explained that the packages usually spill a so-called press fractions of grape processing.

“For high-quality wines using juice that comes from the press by gravity, for a more mass – wine, for which grapes are gently pressed, and for the cheap – juice, which the press literally squeezes out the grape pomace”, – said the head of the working group “Wine tour guide Russia” Roskoshestvo Arthur Sarkisian.

according to the expert, in the press method, the grapes are bruised the bones, causing the resulting beverage becomes more bitter. In addition, cardboard packaging is often poured not wine, but wine drink. According to the technical regulations, it can add up to 50 percent water, flavors and dyes, and alcohol.

“In a soft pack, especially in a volume of one liter, in most cases sold by wine from the cheap imported wine. Therefore, there is a risk to buy in a soft pack of poor quality wine that will bring you pleasure and will be poured in the sink,” said Roskoshestvo.

Earlier in the National Union of consumer rights protection said that in 2019 retail sales rose wines. Compared to the year 2018, the experts found an increase of 1.9 percent. A similar trend was noted in the segment of champagne and sparkling wines.

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